How Unemployment Led to Business Ownership with SundayCosmetics

by Jill Foster on January 28, 2009

Guest post from Beverly Davis, founder and owner of SundayCosmetics and author of eBook Rags to Riches: Create Multiple Income Streams
from a Tight Budget
. Beverly creates custom nail polish colors and corporate gift baskets, all with a wonderful inspirational twist. She shares her story in her own words with Women Grow Business.

The Birthing of a Vision
In Fairburn, Georgia during June 2007, life threw a big lemon. Just 14 months after purchasing my new home, I was suddenly unemployed. I voluntarily resigned a toxic, dead-end job determined NEVER to go through it again.

The only solution
…I decided, was successful self-employment with multiple income streams.

In October 2007, with a tiny savings account and a part-time job, I launched SundayCosmetics.com with $250. I created custom nail polish colors and labeled each an uplifting descriptive name.

Friends and colleagues [at the time] laughed.

I let them go as the negativity was unbearable.
I went into seclusion and worked 7 days a week.
I lost 25 pounds in four months. I struggled, but I made it.

I also create corporate gift baskets, write inspirational eBooks, and I’m working to get the collection in select boutiques and gift shops nationwide.

More than one stream of income is vital for me as an entrepreneur and as an individual. Unemployment helped me understand that very clearly.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is to trust my instincts and to follow your passions. A toxic job is dangerous mentally, spiritually, and will physically make you sick.

I’m also a big fan of free publicity.
I email press releases and snail mail nail polish to beauty editors of select blogs and fashion magazines. As a result, SundayCosmetics has been featured on local television, on several blogs, and in Gospel Today Magazine.

It’s a humble beginning, but I’m very excited about the potential. My dream is one million loyal customers worldwide. All things are possible if you believe.

Beverly is in progress of reaching select boutiques and gift shops with her collection. And she was recently featured on BlogTalkRadio’s Inspiring Women in Business Show: Make 2009 Great.

(image by Ianqui)

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