Victory, Defeat, and In Between: Welcome to the Women Grow Business Blog

by Jill Foster on January 21, 2009

New ideas, the economy, and the business of businesswomen:

First, welcome to the new blog Women Grow Business.

And truthfully this editor could talk till the cows come home on the topics (…pardon the ‘cows’; that’s homage to my Oklahoma roots).  But it’s not about my one perspective.

The stories blogged here at Women Grow Business will pivot around:

Grit … i.e. the complex operational crossroads women surmount as entrepreneurs, creatives, and as professionals in general;

Resources … including chances to network, social media tools, fiscal education/support, and business mentorship for women in all types of sectors;

Geography … won’t limit our discussions or coverage.  That’s to say everything across the country – from product launches to marketing to tech – that’s employed by businesswomen will be a conversation starter here;

Idea partners … it takes so many on leadership, fiscal strategy, marketing, talent retention, sales, stakeholder relations, and more to make your business run (…wild with success).  Here we aim to recognize ways to build idea partners on this blog and beyond it;

Failure & Success … to observe causes of made and missed benchmarks. We’ll take a look at women-led businesses with their lessons learned plus next steps to succeed.

…all this with a keen interest in your views.

That’s the core of the new Women Grow Business blog.

The economy, solutions, and women’s expertise:
Despite the hard economic terrain, there are reasons – the amount of which goes canyon deep – to be encouraged. In particular, how women in business confront and transcend obstacles in this climate has caught my attention.

So from women in the highest Fortune 500 management to the savvy startup founders to new generations of business leaders — this blog will take notice.

So thanks for being here.

And what’s on your mind?

More business on:
The Facts:
Women of color owning businesses are growing three times faster than other domestic firms;

The Tech:
Women Who Tech calls for panel submissions;

The Law:
Nina Kaufman talks on preserving employee payroll.

The Plan:
Women Grow Business is the sister blog to the fine team at Solutions Are Power (where a new business plan series just launched).

(image by Punki, Creative Commons)

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