Go Daddy's Super Bowl Ad Inspires Twitter Rebuke; Network Solutions Responds

by Shashi Bellamkonda on February 2, 2009

Shashi Bellamkonda, Network Solutions official Social Media Swami, and I were up late online after the Super Bowl tonight (or last night by the time this post publishes). We discussed briefly reactions to Go Daddy’s ad which aired during the game — and related feedback to it on Twitter.

Shashi had already drafted a post that includes potentially a great opportunity too.

He writes:

As I watched the Super Bowl end with an amazing victory for the Steelers, I noticed another amazing thing happen.

Whenever I am connected on the Internet I always have a browser open with my search for Network Solutions terms; and friends on Twitter had started tweeting to me to ask how they can transfer their domain names to Network Solutions. Their anger was about a couple of specific Super Bowl ads.

At first I started to work the phones and email to try to come up with a special offer to welcome them to Network Solutions. Then I noticed the tweets and retweets growing. @MackCollier was watching this effect and blogged about it on the Viral Garden.

It’s a late night on a Sunday but I am happy to offer anyone who wants to transfer their domains to Network Solutions a price of $9.99 for each domain name.

We don’t have time to alert the centers so please send an email with your contact to smedia@networksolutions and we will follow-up with you.

I encourage the community to spread the word.

UPDATE: even better discount for domain transfer (use this coupon code!)

Use coupon code PCXXX02740 for $8.75/year to transfer your domain name. Just follow the easy transfer process.

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