President's Podcast: Turner Strategies President Suzanne Turner Talks Leadership, Social Tech, & Fem2.0

by Jill Foster on February 12, 2009

Beyond the ‘snark’: a podcast conversation with Suzanne Turner

At her blog The Turner Report, she’s known for being ‘the queen of snark.’

And when first meeting Suzanne late last year, her strengths (and then some) were evident. She’s president of Turner Strategies based in Washington, DC. And it was a pleasure re-connecting with her last week at the Fem 2.0 conference (an event she sponsored and where she moderated a panel on feminism and working women).

8 minute podcast: from the bake sale approach to Fem 2.0, crowdsourcing, and more
Feel free listening in on Suzanne’s leadership & great storytelling while you work.

Or for a quick overview:

On why her business launched Fem 2.0:
-how she threaded different groups together – entrepreneurs, feminist leaders, advocacy groups – with a bake sale approach;

On leadership:
-and how her mother taught fearlessness and perspective to her family;

On online media in the last five years:
-from Swiftboat Veterans to Dan Rather to philosophies from Edward R. Morrow and studio execs, Suzanne shares how social media has impacted her work from a tactical view (with national, mainstream media still being relevant).

And a favorite quote from Suzanne’s podcast on social media’s impact:

I think if we can overcome some digital divide issues, this will be a really exciting time for our culture.

The National Journal called Suzanne Turner “the best publicist in America.” ┬áHer communications campaigns have helped pass more than 40 pieces of legislation. She has worked for Fortune 500 companies, devising branding and marketing campaigns that have moved millions of dollars worth of products.

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