Peer Learning in Digital Tech (join us!): Small Business, Tech Enthusiasts, & More Join 'DC Media Makers'

by Jill Foster on March 25, 2009

I’m finding more and more there are so many incredible people and organizations who want to share what they know — in business, in education, in social media, in entrepreneurship, industries everywhere! — just for the sake of teaching it out of enthusiasm.

And in this spirit
…there’s a group in Washington, DC providing peer-learning environments to teach digital technology i.e. DC Media Makers. Over the past few years they’ve grown from a few folks trying to find a wireless signal in library stacks to ‘tech out’ (…can you just smell the book dust?!) — to — what is now a great partnership with NPR’s Andy Carvin (who hosts monthly DC Media Makers meetups at NPR’s downtown DC headquarters).

Co-founding DC Media Makers with a few folks including Andy, Jonny Goldstein, and Phil Shapiro was a pleasure. Members and guest presenters continue to be a fantastic fund of knowledge willing to teach, learn, and teach again.

And I’m thrilled to see it grow but more critically, it’s been as exciting to see the different types of people come forward to share their digital projects with membership.

Feel free to join us (with more #DCMM conversations on Twitter for the curious)!

Examples of #DCMM collaborations and feedback requests:

  • Video producers like the creative and effective Chris Condayan (@csuspect) have screened in-progress video for #DCMM, asking for feedback on video fundraising campaigns with Chris’ final cut and Slideshare ready to screen);
  • Members have entered film competitions and covered a host of events via a range of media;
  • …and digital champions, enthusiasts, and even entrepreneurs have taught or demonstrated everything from screencasts, to video editing tools, mobile podcasting, and new social networks (Luc Castera walked us through ShareMeme just last month).

What DC Media Makers strives to do:

  • informally teach eachother digital media and related literacy i.e. focus on teaching, learning, having fun (and not getting hung up on perfect PowerPoint-esque presentations in the process…);
  • provide an in-person feedback community for projects in digital tech, online video, and social media tools

No matter where you are in your digital ‘know-how’, there’s a place for you here.

So come on out this Wednesday, 3/25th, for some fantastic presenters on online video production, collaborative online education tools (the wiki & beyond), and our very own Steve Fisher will share about the film he’s producing, Browncoats Redemption.

And there will be snacks…
For more info and how to RSVP for this week’s meetup (quick and recession-friendly i.e. free), visit DC Media Makers or Socializr.


Jill Foster serves as editor for Women Grow Business, a Network Solutions blog and community. She co-founded DC Media Makers and in August 2008, covered events at the Democratic National Convention using mobile media. Jill enjoys collaborations in the DC Web Women and Women Who Tech communities and can be reached at Twitter www.twitter.com/jillfoster.

(image DC Media Makers by Shashi Bellamkonda, Creative Commons – featuring Shana Glickfield, Greg Gershman, Scott Stead, Suki Fuller, and possibly Aaron Brazell’s head but that’s a theory…)

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