Bringing Business Together (5 minute podcast): UNICEF's TAP Project & Local Business Get Clean Water to Kids

by Jill Foster on March 3, 2009


For the podcast: 5 minutes
I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Digital Strategy Consultant Sibyl Edwards on UNICEF’s TAP Project, a huge effort to help get clean drinking water to children world wide. She has teamed up with GMMB & UNICEF and shared how businesses can get involved, how much a $1 donation can help, and more.

Or for the quick take down of our conversation
It was a thrill to watch the business, tech, and social cause communities intersect this week at an event where entrepreneurs, marketers, and tech enthusiasts came together to learn digital media.

It happened like this:
Sibyl recently shared her support for a UNICEF initiative – called the TAP Project – that’s related to World Water Week. What struck me is how businesses including local DC restaurants (and throughout the country) can get involved with ease.

All joining forces: small business, big business, UNICEF
Sibyl clarified the lack of clean drinking water is the second largest killer of children under five worldwide, causing 4,200 deaths from water-related diseases every day (I was unaware the stats were so high).

To help address this crisis, UNICEF launched the Tap Project.

During World Water Week (March 22-28, 2009) restaurants across the United States will encourage patrons to donate $1 or more for the tap water they usually enjoy for free. Every dollar raised provides a child with clean drinking water for 40 days.

Full disclosure and next steps
And when Sibyl shared those statistics I wanted to help (I’m working pro bono with her team and UNICEF to spread the word). I’m honored to collaborate with all these communities including the business sectors to help kids have access to the most basic necessity.

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Jill Foster serves as editor for Women Grow Business, a Network Solutions blog and community. She co-founded DC Media Makers and in August 2008, covered events at the Democratic National Convention using mobile media. Jill enjoys collaborations in the DC Web Women and Women Who Tech communities and can be reached at Twitter www.twitter.com/jillfoster.

(TAP logo and water graphic used with permission per Sibyl Edwards)

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