The Social Media Swami, SXSW, and You: Join Us 3/14th in Austin!

by Jill Foster on March 13, 2009


I just can’t wait!

THE Social Media Swami of Network Solutions Shashi Bellamkonda will co-present a panel at SXSW Interactive with Legal Guru Raj Malik.

I’m pumped to join them both at the interactive segment of SXSW this year (along with Steve Fisher, Community Manager of Solutions Are Power).

The panel:
A Hard Sell? Social Media and Your Boss

Please join us at:
Saturday, March 14, 3:30pm, Room 19B

Moving your boss from ‘No’ to ‘Go’. Are you frustrated that your company is not engaged in social media? The panel will provide actionable steps to convince your boss of the value. We’ll cover how to: become a champion, creative ways to recruit internal proponents (including lawyers), gather & present compelling reasons. Sell your social media ideas!

We’ll make your social media plan an easy sell!

Even more — here’s a favorite excerpt from Shashi’s series related to the panel:

When you start evangelizing social media in your company people would expect you to be the resident social media expert. It is important that you have a solid understanding of the social media landscape before you make the hard push to get internal approval for the company to adopt social media. The reason why is that you need to be prepared for the inevitable questions that will come from everywhere and the peanut gallery about something so and so heard that their brother’s friend’s 13 year old’s school teacher said about the perils of Twitter and Yelp.

More from:
Allison Kapin and her take on select SXSW programs.

(image by Iaanba, Creative Commons)

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