Stats in Stereo: a Two-Minute Podcast on Why Women-Owned Businesses Are More Competitive

by Jill Foster on April 15, 2009

What do you think?
There’s been a lot of research conducted over at Grow Smart Business about the ongoing health and success of small businesses.

And from this, the Small Business Success Index came to be. It was designed to measure how successful small businesses believe they are performing in six key areas of business that include:

  • capital management
  • marketing and innovation
  • human capital
  • customer service
  • IT deployment
  • compliance

2 minute podcast: the competitive edge of women-owned businesses

(image, The Edge, by ChristopherDale, Creative Commons)

To skip below and just listen-while-you work, here are initial ‘audio thoughts’ on why women-owned businesses may be more competitive.

What do you think from your observations of and experience with women-owned businesses?

Or for more reading, here’s food for thought per the index report:

Women-owned small businesses are slightly more likely to be “marginally” or “highly competitive” than others.

Based on those above (6) factors, I’ve been thinking on this assessment. And from my experience with women entrepreneurs it’s the customer service that stands out. They have demonstrated keen, well-rounded understanding of their customer needs and long-term development.

I continue to read more of this research and am asking colleagues and those in the community their thoughts especially about that related finding.

Quick note: the site will continue to be updated with research but certainly don’t hold back on thoughts you may have.

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