The Inspired yet Tired Entrepreneur: Ideas for When Your Energy Is Low

by Jill Foster on May 18, 2009

With today’s marvelously fast paced news and technology cycles…and the combination thereof, it can be easy to want to indulge feelings of being unable to keep up (image Old Man Look At My Life by Jenny Rotten, Creative Commons). Add even a touch of personal or professional disruption to the mix and side projects seem to quickly drop to the very bottom of your priority list.

The solution?

Even if you can’t be making direct progress on growing your small business, you can help yourself by staying motivated and informed!

Recovering your mental bandwidth
When you don’t have the mental bandwidth to blog, code, or do anything in front of the computer screen, you can still be actively moving things along with reading. My issues of Inc., Fast Company, and Wired have become standard reading for my unwind time at the end of the day. I also keep my Kindle close where I’m currently flipping between books like Outliers, Here Comes Everybody, and Outsmart!: How to Do What Your Competitors Can’t. However, I often refer back to biographies for real inspiration.

Personal interaction with similarly situated people is also a great way to stay motivated.

I keep a close group of peers that I know are available whether I want a pep talk, a sounding board, or just a chat. Often talking to someone about that other item on my plate can free up my mind and energy to get back to building my business.

Inspiration through TED Talks video
If you really can’t disconnect but don’t have the energy for plowing through a task list, I recommend enjoying the inspiring thoughts of the best and the brightest by perusing the TED Talks library. Hundreds of presentations in varying length are available to you from your laptop or smartphone.

Already been there, done that? Most conference keynotes are available on YouTube or conference websites. Spend 20 minutes with Gary Vaynerchuck and you’ll be back in full swing in no time!

Main takeaways for recovering your motivation ‘mojo’:

  • Business and technology magazines provide disconnect while still feeding your business.
  • Connect on a personal level with fellow small business folks to have a ready ear for emotional or professional support.
  • Find motivating videos online on TED Talks, YouTube or conference websites.


Guest post by Shana Glickfield, regular guest contributor to Women Grow Business and Founder of DC Concierge. Effective just recently, Shana’s company directs the online community for NextGenWeb, the blog of USTelecom (a broadband association). And she guides both locals and tourists around Washington, DC through her blog, DCConcierge.com. Shana can be reached at www.twitter.com/dcconcierge.

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