Listening to Your Fans: Rohit Bhargava Responds with the 'Women of Personality' eBook (great, inspired, free)

by Jill Foster on May 13, 2009

What makes your business distinct? engaging? memorable? What compels current and potential customers to look your way vs toward a competitor?

A company’s personality can be a potent influence to answering above. (image Juste Debout 2008 Danses Hip Hop by William Hamon, Creative Commons)

Your brand personality matters.
If there was ever a contemporary champion for how businesses can discern and emerge personality in their enterprise, it’s Rohit Bhargava. And last year he released the book Personality Not Included to further flesh out this discussion with often small businesses in mind.

Listening to Your Fans: Women of Personality
I particularly liked learning how Rohit listened to the community developing around his book. Recently he mentioned many of his book’s readers contacted him sharing their success stories, many of them women entrepreneurs. As he realized this, he recognized a larger story emerging about how personality impacts achievement and choices (whether it be overtly professional ones or more general approaches to life fulfillment). And thus came Women of Personality, a collection of incredible women of ‘hutzpah’ whose stories are apart of Rohit’s ongoing Personality Project community blog.

I can’t get enough of those featured in his ebook; it makes not only for a compelling business read but I found each story uniquely sparks confidence in those ideas that have been percolating but for whatever reason, marginalized from action. A summit or even unconference would be an apt offline response to this work.

And you?
Have you read Women of Personality?

Are you a women entrepreneur of personality? Why?

Please(!) … let that inner voice saying “You know you are!” have its say and full stage of disclosure. Share anytime in the comments.

Some of my favorite quotes from the ebook:

After 3,000 miles and 103 days alone at sea, I am about to realize my dream and arrive in Antigua. Roz Savage, adventurer

If your path is based on a truthful recognition about who you are, and what you truly enjoy, you will shine! Stephanie Agresta, Web 2.0 Strategist and Internet Geek Girl

I remember one boss in particular who really tapped into my discretionary energy through his leadership and personal style — I know my performance, engagement, and results in the organization I was working with was partly due to my interactions [with that particular business leader]. Krishna De, BizGrowthNews

Personality fronts a strong mission, supports a team, engages loyal customers, and cultivates a promising future. Kimberlie Dykeman, Pure Soapbox


Jill Foster serves as editor for Women Grow Business, a Network Solutions blog and community. She co-founded DC Media Makers and in August 2008, covered events at the Democratic National Convention using mobile media. Jill enjoys collaborations in the DC Web Women and Women Who Tech communities and can be reached at Twitter www.twitter.com/jillfoster.

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