Restructuring in Order to Grow: a Solopreneur Takes a "Me-treat"

by Jill Foster on June 16, 2009

Knot in my gut
In March I realized that I likely would not be taking a vacation until at least November. The sheer thought of getting through nine months with no break put a knot in my gut. Rather than exhaust myself during the summer, I scheduled a week off in June to decompress as well as work on those “pet projects” that had been put on the backburner.

Recently, I’ve also been giving a lot of thought to restructuring my business in order to grow. I have lots of ideas but no clear plan. So a few weeks ago I decided to take myself on a “me-treat” during the week off.

If big corporations can jet their staff off to an island getaway [image Come, Let's Sit and Relax by 2Rokbot2y, Creative Commons] -to hold hands and sing “Kumbaya”, why can’t I take a week off to brainstorm, strategize and create a new plan for MY business?!

So for one week I am turning off my cell phone
-plus shutting down email, pulling out the patio cushions and enjoying the summer while I take an in-depth look at my business model and marketing. I feel that it’s important for small business owners to take a step back, breathe and reflect on what they’ve accomplished in order to move forward. I mean, we single handedly put 40+ hours per week into our businesses; sometimes you just have to take a break.

I’ve set some specific goals for my “me-treat”:

  • Get at least 8 hours sleep every night. (I don’t get enough sleep, so this is key.)
  • Spend at least 1 hour a day doing something that I want to do – gardening, reading, playing with my dogs, etc.
  • Visit a few friends (I don’t get to see them enough.)
  • Review, plan and schedule the kickoff of a branding/marketing plan that’s been sitting on my desk for months.
  • Think about the second half of the year. What do I WANT to be doing? How do I get there?
  • Launch my new personal blog. (This is something that I’ve wanted to do for awhile, but can’t find the time.)
  • De-stress, breathe, enjoy life.

My hope
… is that by taking some time for me, I will return to work refreshed, energized and ready to move forward with some exciting changes and projects. Please check back here at Women Grow Business to see if I met my project and personal goals (or whether I got sucked back into daily work habits). My hope is that my “me-treat” is truly a retreat tailored just for me.

How about you? What’s your approach to re-thinking long term (or even short term) plans for your company – plus reconstituting focus and energy along the way?

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Beth J Bates

Beth J Bates

Guest contributor Beth Jackson Bates is the owner of Web Strategies Internet Solutions and a jack of all trades in the web world. She consults with small to mid-size businesses on social media marketing and helps her clients find effective ways to leverage these mediums to meet business and marketing goals. With over 14 years experience in web development, project management and marketing, Beth enjoys putting a new twist on traditional web technology and methods. She specializes in social media marketing and how strategy, tactics and tools help businesses expand their reach through their web presence.

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