What's Your Approach? Making Money or Making Excuses for a New Business Idea

by Jill Foster on June 10, 2009

Last week’s SocStardom3 event offered good insight and resources from speaker Jay Berkowitz (…his social media mantra to “Engage, Educate, and Entertain” still resonates).

And then there was Barbara Drazga.

A self-described “serial entrepreneur with more failures than successes under her belt“, we met and talked briefly after Jay’s program. Barbara’s clarity of mind and sense of purpose really packed a punch in our talk (which was 10 minutes or so but the drive for her business stood out immediately).

It was great talking with her on the community here at Women Grow Business – and what we aim to facilitate: to bring women entrepreneurs and those in small business together around resources, experience – and even wit! – to help women at like crossroads succeed. In that regard, Barbara mentioned a published column she wrote and thought could be of timely use to WGB readership.

Favorite excerpts from that column on being more actionable with a business idea:

Be honest.

Are you making excuses for not having the money, freedom, business, or life that you dream of? The first step to change is self-awareness, so you’ve got to be honest with yourself.

“I’d love to make more money…”

“BUT I just don’t have the time to spend on building a business.” [or] “I’d like to lose weight, BUT diets haven’t worked for me.” Notice how the word “but” has negated the positive part of each sentence?

Quick and painless ways to gear your mindset toward productivity

I’m going to offer you quick and painless ways to identify the words you’re using to program yourself for failure — and teach you some tools to replace that talk with words that are guaranteed to produce a more productive outcome.

Crafting ‘problem statements’ with specific action steps

[The unproductive statement] “… I just don’t have the time to spend on building a business.” -Can be reworded as a problem statement like this: “How might I invest one hour a day towards building my business?

Barbara’s context here is something I honestly could practice more. Articulating in more actionable, specific ways toward a business launch (or life goal) mobilizes a positive mindset I find. Her post was a useful mental vitamin [image Vitamin C by CzechR, Creative Commons] …that would be worth reading in full, entitled You Can Make Money, or You Can Make Excuses. Pick One. Or for more of Barbara’s insight online, visit her blog How To Get More Done.

And you?

What re-shapes and re-directs those “I can’t” statements to more productive, actionable mindsets?

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