WomenWhoTech's Telesummit: How Broadband Can Help Your Business in a Recession

by Jill Foster on June 1, 2009


Guest post by Shana Glickfield, regular guest contributor to Women Grow Business and Founder of DC Concierge. Effective just recently, Shana’s company directs the online community for NextGenWeb, the blog of USTelecom (a broadband association). And she guides both locals and tourists around Washington, DC through her blog, DCConcierge.com. Shana can be reached at www.twitter.com/dcconcierge.

Uniting women in technology via webinar and phone
The 2nd Annual TeleSummit for Women Who Tech took place [recently] and united women from around the world via webinar and phone to share knowledge and discuss professional issues around women and technology. Women registered for panels of their choice online and then simultaneously dialed in and logged on to hear from expert speakers on those topics.

Women in communications, marketing, business management and more enjoyed a panel about how technology should be embraced for marketing in a recession. As budgets are getting cut, this is one area experts recommend to hold on to because of the increased visibility, low-cost tools, and high value-add of online marketing.

The great panelists
Panelists Fran Boscker of Vantage Communications and Hilary Zwerdlin of M+R Strategic Services joined moderator Jennifer Kutz of Vantage Communications to share their experiences.

Comprehensive and relational
Boscker walked through several social media sites that marketers should have a comprehensive presence on, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube (see NGW’s 5W’s of online video!). She urged that the key to these tools is relationship-building, so it’s important to be a part of the conversation and not just push information out.

Gauging online stats for your organization
Zwerdlin shared the nonprofit angle and cautioned that although social networks are free, it’s important to keep in mind the staff time is required to manage all of these tools. With that, Zwerdlin recommends that nonprofits take advantage of Google Grants, manage their search engine optimization, and keep an eye on their analytics to see what’s working. A new benchmark study that many nonprofits use to gauge their statistics is coming out on Thursday at http://www.ebenchmark.com.

Educational, neutral, newsworthy
Kutz reminded participants to get back to public relations basics by using press releases and customer programs in addition to attending local networking events. Positioning yourself as a thought leader can be very low cost and valuable as long as you share information that is educational, neutral and newsworthy and use online tools to help release and promote things like white papers, events and news.

Now of course all of this information is just as valuable to men, but it’s nice that Women Who Tech is helping women succeed with broadband!

(cross-posted with permission from NextGenWeb)

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