From a 'Lone Ranger Entrepreneur': a Story on Scalable Product, Great Teams, and Next Level Growth

by Jill Foster on September 11, 2009

Earlier on Women Grow Business, I shared my vision on why and how I started Mavin Digital, Inc. over a year ago. And with our growing client base and service offerings I’m taking the company to the next level.

What does this mean?
I’m creating an organization around Mavin Digital, while taking an offensive strategy capitalizing on my product management experience and resources. Offensive strategy? We’re a business services organization. Most investors would not give us a second look, hence we are highly dependent on our cash-flow and professional service fees. My first offensive move was to establish an Advisory Board and partners (check!). The next move is to create and build products in opportunity areas that I’ve discovered while pursuing certain passions. You see a lot clearly when you’re in the moment and realize…’Hmm I can propel much needed change for this community with A, B and C.’

It is quite exciting with a hint of nervousness as I go through the exercise with my company.

Deep in conversation about ‘the list’
Last night I was deep in conversation with a friend and prospective new member of our Advisory Board sharing my vision on how we can strengthen our business services, while expanding into low-barrier to entry and highly scalable digital products. A few minutes ago I gave my associate a huge research task. On the same track, brand visuals are being designed while conversations on UX, tech specs and creative are happening. Oh yeah, and there is the legal and corporate structure to attend to…

In my journey as a local lone ranger entrepreneur
I have discovered that to have a bigger impact and ability to scale quickly you need a team who can react fast and are available locally. A strong team behind you who believes in your passions, are willing to take the ride and support your vision. I’ve carefully handpicked the team. Currently the Mavin Digital tribe is comprised of a local Technical Director (hooray!), an Associate and four members on the Advisory Board (may turn into five). …am also looking into a virtual business development resource to add.

Having a local team and Advisory Board opens doors to opportunities
-and also ideas and more amazing people. While we’re making headway into new verticals and clients as a digital business services firm, we’re building new web properties and digital products that are highly scalable. In short, the journey so far is a whole lot of awesomeness!

(Image Awesome in Three Dimensions by AphasiaFilms Creative Commons)

My advice to fellow entrepreneurs: take a look at your business whether its a product or service and ask yourself ‘How can I make this better for the market it is intended for’?

An entrepreneur’s mindset audit: questions to consider

  • What are the comparable businesses and competitors doing to differentiate themselves?
  • What can you apply to your business?
  • What are my strengths?
  • What are my weaknesses?

It is like writing up your SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). The SWOT exercise is something which every entrepreneur should do in the very early stages of their business and throughout its life cycle for checks and balances.

In today’s overly communicated society, real contributions and impact can be easily diluted by a lot of talk and no action – don’t be that entrepreneur.

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Guest contributor Jessica Valenzuela is the founder and principal of MavinDigital, a 360 degree digital product and marketing company. She is closely associated with Springboard Enterprises and Astia, two exciting organizations that mentor, incubate, and invest in high-growth, women-led companies. Also collaborating regularly with Columbia Univeristy’s Women’s Entrepreneur Network, Jessica can be reached through her blog Mashup and also on Twitter (http://twitter.com/mavindigital).

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