"TV News Reporter Called in One Hour": Brainstorms and Benefits of Content Sharing – 5 Minute Video Chat

by Jill Foster on September 4, 2009

Great news for one Women Grow Business blogger, one apple pie baker, and tons of small business owners seeking more about content sharing (…more in this fun conversation below).

The skinny:
I met Mayra at DC’s local Channel 8 studio for her live interview with the Washington Business Report (just search for Mayra Ruiz to find her archived interview!). A long-time Women Grow Business blogger, Mayra has also submitted a recent blog post to Grow Smart Business about making a sale and creating loyal fans (sparked by a farmer’s market apple pie baker, no doubt). And it’s that timely and apt post that launched the above video chat about content sharing for small business (and Mayra’s great feature on Channel 8).


Guest post from Mayra Ruiz-McPherson, regular guest contributor to Women Grow Business. Mayra works as an independent marketing strategist and social media enthusiast. With over 14 years of marketing and communications experience, Mayra helps businesses and non-profits with all aspects of their brand identity, outreach communications, and competitive positioning. She produces the blog Marketing Misfit and can be reached at www.twitter.com/marketingMisfit.

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