40 Stories, 40 Women, 1 New eBook: The Personality Project's Women of Personality

by Jill Foster on October 13, 2009

Do you have a favorite question? …one that you re-reflect on and its answers as time passes?

On that note, one of my favorite questions is: who has helped you develop and grow?

That question is incredibly motivating to acknowledge and reflect on when it comes to the women who have influenced my life experience.

The Women Grow Business community has engaged me in many compelling ways and taught me many business insights (thank you!). Rohit Bhargava has combined this inspirational context with a compelling question: “how has personality impacted your career?”

40 insights, 40 women, and 1 new eBook
Rohit asked 40 women entrepreneurs and businesswomen that personality question some time ago. It was a pleasure to have a chance to contribute and be apart of this new project.

Download and enjoy: The eBook is available to download at http://www.thepersonalityproject.com/wop2.

And what’s your story to add?

Image Mona’s Got Personality RavensMagicLantern by Creative Commons)

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