New Media Women Entrepreneurs Summit: Event Recap

by Jill Foster on November 18, 2009

NMWE summit

Last Monday, J-Lab i.e. The Institute for Interactive Journalism hosted the New Media Women Entrepreneurs 2009 Summit in downtown Washington, DC. The one day event brought together female panelists from diverse backgrounds in journalism to discuss how new forms of online journalism are emerging new entrepreneurial opportunities – and the steps you can take to cultivate them.

From savvy bloggers to entrepreneurship
Many of the panelists have had their own successes in transitioning from local bloggers, niche bloggers, and citizen journalists to full-fledged new media entrepreneurs just by being savvy online publishers.

Here are just a few of my takeaways from the summit including the keynote speaker from Placeblogger’s Lisa Williams:

  • It’s okay not to know everything, just start.
  • Include your personality in your site and take a personal approach.
  • But don’t let your personality be so engrained in your site that it could not function without you (be able to let go).
  • There are revenue models that work, often in combination (consider business models around ads, conferences, and content).
  • Don’t do anything for free that you wouldn’t do for free indefinitely.

The gist?
As the journalism landscape is rapidly changing, new media entrepreneurs see this as an opportunity, while traditional media outlets see it as a threat.

So whether you are exploring a career – in blogging, online community building, citizen reporting, aggregating, publishing, creative writing, or any other forms of interactive journalism – it’s absolutely possible in today’s online environment. There’s a career there if you carve it out!

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Guest post by Shana Glickfield, regular guest contributor to Women Grow Business and Founder of DC Concierge. Shana’s company directs the online community for NextGenWeb, the blog of USTelecom, a broadband association. Shana can be reached at www.twitter.com/dcconcierge.

From the New Media Women Entrepreneurs Summit are Maria Ivancin and Jan Schaffer (among others) presenting a new study of women and media. The image is used with permission by photographer Anna Tauzin.

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