4 Insights: An Entrepreneur Gives Thanks for Progress

by Jill Foster on December 2, 2009

Hearts of Palm

Both inside and outside the Women Grow Business community, what I’ve learned this year has meant a lot. And this is shared from the heart (image Heart of the Palm, by Gare and Kitty, Creative Commons).

Top 4 insights that come to mind:

1. The more you can define your mission – what services and products you want to offer and to who – the quicker you can get there.

2. If you trust your intuition and focus on the picture you’re trying to achieve, it will show up just on time.

3. The more you try to focus your business on being of service and making a positive impact in some way, the more successful you’ll be.

4. The more you help others out without expecting something in return, such as using your network to connect friends or colleagues who are looking for work or providing training opportunities to others, the more business you’ll see coming your way.

And what I’m thankful for:

1. Having all the right people show up at the right time on our entrepreneurial journey.

2. Having the right projects show up at the right time, each a little bigger and more complex than the last, to help us stretch and grow.

3. Having the opportunity to learn something new everyday (because when you’re small and growing, you have to wear many hats.)

4. Having the opportunity to meet so many positive, growth-oriented and entrepreneurial spirits – like the women-owned businesses who participate in the dynamic Women Grow Business community!

So what have you learned this year through your business? Please share in the comments.

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