How Building One Business Led to Launching Another

by Lori Saitz on December 13, 2009

Aim High

I am truly grateful for all the amazing relationships I’ve developed through social media!

I have met some of the most wonderful people, some of whom have become clients, others with whom I’ve built synergistic partnerships. It continues to astound me how strong these connections can be.

I would not be part of the Women Grow Business community were it not for Twitter!

And my encounters continue to reaffirm my belief that people in this world are all one – more similar than different.

Since first reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich
I had been interested in experiencing the power of a mastermind group. I am most grateful for the opportunity to participate in a mastermind facilitated by business coach and mentor Fabienne Fredrickson this year.

As part of this small, handpicked group of entrepreneurs
I was challenged to stretch my beliefs of what was possible for my business and personal life. Our “sacred circle” unconditionally supported and cheered for each other through all the struggles and accomplishments.

There are a lot of fantastic business mentors with mastermind programs; I highly recommend finding one that fits for everyone who’s working on creating a successful business and fulfilling life.

Image Aim High by Sean Rogers1, Creative Commons

It’s very difficult and there’s absolutely no reason to do it alone.
Before this next declaration I’m about to make…let me first say that my company as it is now is not going away. I am very grateful for the insight and foundation Zen Rabbit has provided. I needed the experience of running Zen Rabbit in order to gain the knowledge and make the connections necessary to pursue this new venture.

Sometimes what seems pointless or frustrating or without obvious purpose is really preparation for the next step. Once you realize this truth, a whole new horizon opens up and you – okay I – can hardly wait to get going!

Okay so now I’ll share!
I am creating information products and workshops to help start-up food entrepreneurs build wildly successful businesses. And I’m very excited about it!

How about you?
What business accomplishments or decisions are you most grateful for this year? What favorable outcomes developed – those desired and unexpected?

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Lori Saitz

Guest contributor Lori Saitz is founder of Zen Rabbit Baking Company. She helps people show appreciation for and give recognition to others. The main (delicious!) tool her team uses to help accomplish this important feat is through The Gratitude Cookie(tm). A thin, crunchy cross between a butter and a sugar cookie, The Gratitude Cookie is so named because if you’re eating the cookies, you’re encouraged to think about something you are grateful for as you munch on each one.

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