What's Your Approach? Living the Holidays as a Woman and Entrepreneur

by Jill Foster on December 17, 2009

Santas Helpers

Lost in work and a running joke
In my family, we have a running joke: we tell a certain relative that any family events start an hour before they’re actually slated to begin. He’ll get caught up in work and arrive about an hour after he’s supposed to — our little scheme ensures that he’s actually on time. I’m a little worried that I’m creating my own variation on this relative’s ability to get lost in his work, though.

When the holidays roll around, I don’t actually stop working.
I just move locations. Where I would normally work on the desktop in my office, I’ll work on my laptop in my kitchen or a relative’s living room or wherever the family is gathered. While there are certain times multi-tasking makes sense (I’m okay with typing while my pumpkin pies are in the oven), I’m aware that there are other times when the laptop really ought to be out of reach.

To make matters more complicated
I’m the kind of perfectionist who wants to have every big holiday dinner at her house. I want friends and family to see the spread I can put out while still running my own business. I want to show them I really am Wonder Woman.

To get all the work, cooking, cleaning and merry-making done for the holidays requires a little more creativity for an entrepreneur who happens to be a woman.

Just what form that creativity takes varies, of course.
Maybe every dish on the table doesn’t have to be made from scratch. Maybe it’s okay if another relative takes charge of the big family meal this year. Maybe it’s worth the money to bring in a cleaning service. Maybe it’s okay to make a little less money this month — heck, most of my clients seem to be permanently out of the office from Thanksgiving through New Years.

I don’t want to be that relative who can’t be pried away from the computer or who stresses out over making a holiday meal. This is one time of the year that it’s okay to let the work-life balance tip a little in favor of life — as long as that time is actually spent with family, rather than in the kitchen. We all know that in 20 years, we won’t wish that we had spent Christmas morning in front of the computer screen.

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Image Santa’s Helpers at the Ready, Architekt2, Creative Commons

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