Forbes Names 'Women Grow Business' in Top 20 Blogs by Women for Social Media and Marketing

by Jill Foster on January 20, 2010

Cool stuff

Bring it on 2010!
Congrats Women Grow Business – the volunteer blogger team and readers alike – for being named last week by Forbes as one of the 20 best social media and marketing blogs by women! As the new year takes flight, this honor brings excitement for sure.

And it further strengthens our Women Grow Business commitment: to listen to you. And then discuss what you most want to talk about here as you propel your businesses forward.

WGB’s influence on the ‘Just do it’ factor
The stories and resources shared on WGB have taught me plenty during this past year, with a reminder that it takes one key decision to become an entrepreneur: asserting the decision itself…as in just do it.

There’s realizing clearly your business mission and the passion that drives it. But how does that serve a customer? You pose all types of critical questions and answered them throughout 2009 and this year too.

Folks at Women Grow Business “make the ask” head on. More questions that stand out in memory that countless WGB bloggers (and readers) address:

  • Do you continually revisit your business plan?
  • How do you find, recognize, listen, and relate to your customer?
  • When and how do you cultivate your pipeline?
  • Is your online presence engaging, current, social?
  • Are you a healthy entrepreneur (as in getting rest and not taking it all so seriously?)?

And there’s more on differentiation, benchmarks, listening, engaging, and putting one’s agility to the test. But what the Women Grow Business bloggers and community taught too is before all that – there’s making the decision to go for it.

So after years of wanting to start a particular biz, I’m movin’ ahead with Live Your Talk. We’re progressing through pre-launch phases now (and the blog will be conversant soon this month!).

I can’t wait to engage more on all of it as a WGB contributor! And congrats again to you who inspired last week’s acknowledgement from Forbes.

Next Women Grow Business editor and paperwork
The Network Solutions team is wrapping up paperwork for the next editor (hint: whole lot of awesomeness is involved with this transition). And I look forward to making that introduction soon.

What’s going on with you? What ‘just do it’ decisions have you embarked upon in your business so far? How does your business plan envision the end of 2010?

Self per George Brett

Jill Foster is founding editor of Women Grow Business. Named by Forbes Magazine as one of 30 women entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter, she teaches communications through social media tools and community engagement in the Washington, DC area. Co-founder of DC Media Makers, she’s addicted to learning digital tech and helping professional women put their most authentic self forward both online and onstage. She looks forward to talking more on Twitter or at her brand new online home, Live Your Talk.

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