Gwen Peake: The Woman Behind a Big Company Acting Small

by Shonali Burke on March 11, 2010

Social Media Rule #1: Connect with customers as an actual human being

Gwen PeakeThis isn’t easy to do for a large brand. But Ford Motor Company is succeeding. Through Facebook, Twitter and a few other social tools, Ford is doing an exceptional job of making authentic connections with the people they serve.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking to Gwen Peake, Digital Communications Manager at Ford. We spoke about Ford’s social media strategy and the top-down support that continues to drive its success.

The top-down support is critical, as is Ford’s understanding of the role of social media in influencing perception and building communities.

I got a kick out of hearing about the tweets sporadically sent out by the CEO.  It was fun to hear that Gwen’s followers on Twitter treat her like their best friend when they meet at auto shows.

Great job, Ford!  You are mastering what smaller companies have done so well for years… and big brands can learn a lot from you. You’re getting it right.

Enjoy this excerpt of my interview with Gwen. The full interview can be found at socialmediavoices.org.

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