Ladies: What Does Your Age Look Like?

by Shonali Burke on March 12, 2010

Earlier this week, we published a post by Liz Scherer on what she called “the incredible disappearing woman,” and lessons from the famed chef, Mollie Katzen, on dealing with ageism in your career.

Liz followed up this remarkable post with another on her blog, that continues the conversation with Mollie and truly celebrates women. It seemed fitting, with International Women’s Day just a few days behind us, to publish an excerpt here (with Liz’ permission):

The Woman Grow Business post primarily focuses on how ageism affects our careers and the steps we can take to overcome inherent societal challenges. My friend, chef/author Mollie Katzen, played an important role in shaping that post.  In fact, it evolved out of an initial conversation that we had when we were discussing women, food and aging.

… Like Mollie, I know a number of middle-aged women who feel the need to adjust their physical appearance in order to compete. The gambit runs from hair color and botox to face lifts and labiaplasty.

The question is, are these things taking time and focus away from our work (or who we are)?

… Mollie says that throughout her life, she’s been greatly helped by Gloria Steinem’s famous quote when told she didn’t look 40: “this is what 40 looks like,” said Steinem. “That phrase has been my mantra,” explains Mollie; “this is what I look like.”

… Emphasizing that she dislikes and tries to avoid platitudes at all costs, Mollie agreed to share a few strategies that she and her friends have created. “They seem like small things,” says Mollie, “but they make a huge difference in how you come across.”

Please visit Liz’ blog to read some of these strategies which are indeed simple but highly effective (you’ll remember why your mother always told you to stand straight, for example). It’s truly a delightful read and celebrates women for all we are, have been, and continue to be.

Thank you, Liz and Mollie.


Image: petar_c‘s Flickrstream, Creative Commons

Liz SchererRegular contributor Liz Scherer is a digital writer and consultant specializing in health/medicine/wellness. She produces Flashfree which brings her closer to her goal to engage, entertain and provide women in midlife with the tools to make informed decisions about their health. In addition to her blog, you can find Liz on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Shonali BurkeShonali Burke is editor of Women Grow Business and one of the country’s leading business communicators, who was named to PRWeek’s inaugural top “40 Under 40″ list of US-based PR professionals. She specializes in creating and implementing integrated (online and off), results-based, measurable communication programs for clients both large and small at Shonali Burke Consulting. An accredited business communicator, she is also Adjunct Faculty at Johns Hopkins University’s M.A. in Communications program and active in the local communications community as President of IABC/DC Metro. Talk to her via her blog, Waxing UnLyrical or Twitter.

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