You Should Sell That! Foodpreneur Alert

by Lori Saitz on April 19, 2010

Calling all would-be foodpreneurs!

Our own Lori Saitz has a great event coming up for foodie-preneurs in the West Palm Beach, Fla. area, called You Should Sell That.

I asked her to tell me what made her decide to do this, and she said:

“Over the years that I’ve been building Zen Rabbit and promoting The Gratitude Cookie™ and Zen Crunch, I’ve frequently gotten phone calls from people asking how I got started. Last year I put together a 3-hour workshop to share some basics and tips. The problem was, there’s so much to know that 3 hours wasn’t nearly enough time.

“For example:

When you’re starting a food business, some states permit you to use your home kitchen and other states don’t. But there are reasons why, even if you are legally allowed, you still might want to find space in a commercial kitchen. For example, the equipment in a commercial kitchen is just so much more efficient and you’ll probably have more space.

“Or if you have a cat or dog, no matter how well behaved the animal, and how much you clean that kitchen, at some point, fur WILL get in the food.

There’s hardly an industry in which it’s more important to incorporate and insure your business than the food industry.

Knock on wood, but what if someone gets sick from eating your product? Even if it’s not your fault (they left your salad dressing out overnight, despite the recommendation to refrigerate, and then ate it and got sick!). You absolutely must have liability insurance. And if you’re not incorporated, you could lose every personal asset you own, including your home.

No matter how good your brownies, granola, or salsa are, your product will not sell itself. Thousands of new food products are introduced to the market every year. What makes yours so special?

“I recommend telling a story about your recipe or journey; something that differentiates your treats from the next item and endears your customers to you.

Think Nantucket Nectars or Endangered Species Chocolate.”

Lori recruited Tim Lymberopoulos, co-founder of Fooducopia and, between the two of them, they created a much more comprehensive road map for the Start Up Food Entrepreneur. It’s two full days, April 30-May 1 in West Palm Beach, Fla.

During this two day workshop, the would-be gourmet food entrepreneur (that’s you) will get answers to the confusing questions and challenges that come up when starting out in this industry. You’ll go on a step-by-step journey to establishing your own company, including:

  • Setting up your business structure
  • Funding your business & establishing a budget
  • Locating a place to produce your product
  • Buying ingredients
  • Getting distribution
  • Deciding on a target market
  • Choosing a company name
  • Determining pricing
  • Formulating a marketing plan that works
  • Implementing creative, fun tactics to get attention & customers

Plus, you’ll leave with actual plans in place for going forward (not just the knowledge), a binder of recommended resources, and a strong network of colleagues to call on for support and feedback.

Sounds pretty neat, huh? You can get more information and/or register here, or contact Lori if you have more questions.

And remember to share your bounty with the rest of us at Women Grow Business!

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