Where's The Perspective In Productivity?

by Shonali Burke on May 18, 2010

Must productivity be macho?

When I scroll through my feed reader, I see lots of posts on topics like “10 Ways to Power Through Your Task List” or “How to Absolutely Rock Your Day.” It’s rare that I see something with a perspective beyond assuming that the pile of tasks you need to do today should be demolished.

In a word, most productivity advices tends to be macho.

More often than not, productivity advice comes from a very specific demographic — there’s not a lot of perspective in the area. When I sat down to think about it, the only female voice that gets heard consistently is Gina Trapani.

I do like Trapani’s writing, both on Lifehacker and in Upgrade Your Life, but I believe that if we can bring more perspective to the conversation, we’ll be able to help more people become productivity.

After all, what woman juggling a career, housework and who knows what else, can really take self-help, be-more-productive books seriously?

Beyond the Basics

There is no approach to productivity that works universally. Everyone thinks and processes information in different ways, making it absolutely necessary to handle tasks in different ways.

You can’t assume that any book you buy will actually help you get things done — more often than not, you’ll adopt bits and pieces, but the core of the way you approach tasks is something personal. But others may learn just as much from your perspective as the advice down at the local bookstore.

The problem is

that, unless you’re a big-name productivity blogger, the only people who hear about your perspective are your friends and family. We need a way to get our not-so-standard perspectives out there.

Finding That Perspective

I went to Austin this spring for SXSW. While I was there, I met Ali Hale — she’s going to school, blogging and freelancing. She’s also been talking about the problem with productivity advice as long as I have — to the point that we both wound up attending a lunch for productivity bloggers.

There were plenty of Y chromosomes in the room and, by the time the table was cleared, Ali and I had come to the conclusion that the only solution was to create a place where people could find perspectives on productivity.

The result of that decision is a new blog: Constructively Productive.

We’re hoping to bring new perspectives to productivity in the weeks to come. We’re bringing in some of the most productive people we know to talk about how their days really go. We’re going beyond just getting things done.

Please bring your perspective to the table and join us at Constructively Productive.

More from Thursday’s new venture:

Image: Nick Jewell, Creative Commons

Regular contributor Thursday Bram offers content marketing through Hyper Modern Consulting, as well as more traditional writing services. She’s also the co-creator of Constructively Productive, the blog that’s bringing perspective to productivity. You can find Thursday on Twitter.

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