Women Entrepreneurs: National Small Business Week Approaches

by Shonali Burke on May 21, 2010

Are your shoes made for walking?

May 23 – 29 is National Small Business Week.  There are events all over the country sponsored by the Small Business Administration and state or local agencies to celebrate the contributions of small businesses and to help such businesses grow and succeed.

This is a great opportunity to enhance your knowledge and build your network. Or to help you re-energize after a tough winter.

It is also a fine time to remind your clients or customers of what you offer and give them another reminder of why they buy from you!

Take a few moments to figure:

How can you use the week effectively to enhance your marketing?

What could you say or offer to bring in some referrals or repeat business?  New business?

How many contacts have you “been meaning” to send a note or add to your social media marketing efforts, and how could you target them this week effectively?

What could you do with 15 minutes a day of concentrated effort this week that would upgrade your game?

If you are in Metro DC, check out the National Small Business Week 2010 Conference, May 23-25.

Wherever you are, these resources are likely to be useful:

Carpe Diem!


Image: uggboy‘s Flickrstream, Creative Commons

Regular contributor Patricia A. Frame is an experienced management consultant, speaker, and executive with expertise in human capital. Launching a new Women Grow Business series on human resources for small business, Patricia is founder of Strategies for Human Resources. She helps small to mid-size organizations achieve their goals through more effective human capital strategy and management. She can be reached through her website SHRinsight.com, where archives for her ongoing management series can be found.

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