Want To Grow Your Business? Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

by Shonali Burke on June 10, 2010

Humans are creatures of comfort.

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We seek it in our friendships, our families, our homes, our jobs and more. Most of us tend stay within our comfortable circles instead of venturing out into the world to find new and exciting things.

As business  owners we will fail if we don’t venture out. So I’m going to take you on a little adventure.

Get up and get out

As business owners, we’re the sales people. Although we don’t have to “sell” our services or products, we need to have people to talk to about them.

If you talk to the same people all the time, how will you get the word out?

Get out of the office: We all work a lot but we have to make time to get out and meet people or we’ll remain stagnant. Get out from behind your desk and TweetDeck and find people IRL (in real life).

Go to networking events: Find a networking event that is not focused on your industry.

Your potential clients will be there.  They’re not typically at industry networking events.

Go to local events: Just because an event isn’t a networking event doesn’t mean networking doesn’t happen. Find events in your area that allow you to mix with your neighbors.

Get offline: When you go to any event, turn off your phone and put it away. You can’t engage people when you’re behind your phone.

Find a new circle

I recently joined @MomzShare as a sponsor because I met a bunch of really cool moms. I’m only a dog mom but nonetheless, they accepted me because they need someone who can offer the advice I give to my other clients.

Step outside the box: Find a group based on your interests or the interests of your friends. Go to a “boys club” event, hit up a local gardening club & grow from what you learn, or join a wine club.

Make friends with your neighbors: Take a plant to your office neighbor, a plate of cookies to your neighbors at home or plan a gathering for your neighborhood (office or home).

Try your friends: Ask your friends about their circles. I bet they have circles that don’t include you. Knitting, church groups, running clubs, etc.

Randomize your choices: Open the events section of your newpaper or favorite website & point. Keeps it interesting!

Go be proactive!

Here are some places you can get started: ProfessionalsintheCity.com, Meetup.com, Sisarina.com/Events, and http://voices.washingtonpost.com/goingoutgurus.

What can you add? And where will I meet you?

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Melanie Spring is the principal and project director at Sisarina Inc., and an avid fan of Women Grow Business. An expert networker, Melanie and Sisarina connect individuals and companies with the tools they need to market and promote their brand successfully and efficiently. Connect with her on Twitter where she’s @sisarina.

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