Four Reasons Not to be an Entrepreneur: And Why You Should Ignore Them

by Shonali Burke on July 21, 2010

The Entrepreneur’s Journey

So you want to be an entrepreneur, right? That was my life dream.

It was my solution for “having it all”: a successful professional, personal and family life. These were my motivations. What are yours?

Like many entrepreneurs, I had major fears before taking the plunge. Having the entrepreneur’s dream, and making it a reality are two different beasts. There are many mental roadblocks that can inhibit you from taking the plunge.

I’m not sure about my idea. What if I fail?

Failure is what happens when you stop trying.

No idea is perfect. Ideas evolve much like people. They grow, change, and need to be nurtured to blossom.

Too many people think the idea is the key to entrepreneurial success. In reality, the idea is just the starting point. The challenges come with the journey that follows.

When I started Marry Me Live, I was a true “idea romantic.” I quickly realized that business success could not rely on the idea alone.

Execution and evolution is the key to business prosperity.

Although we are still true to the original mission (enabling everyone to attend the wedding regardless of geography), everything else about the business has evolved and changed in one way or another.

It is such a big risk. Is it worth giving up job security?

We all say we want to be an entrepreneur when times are bad.

The question you need to ask yourself is “Would I still be willing to give up my job when times are good?”

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. There is risk. There are ups and downs. It takes a certain mindset to stay positive when things look bleak.

If the entrepreneurial drive is stronger than the benefits you receive at the best of times, it is time to re-evaluate your situation.

Look yourself in the mirror and determine if your current position is getting you closer to your entrepreneurial dream. If the answer is “no”, staying in your current situation is the “bigger” risk.

I’m scared. How do I get over my fear of “taking the leap”?

You are likely reading this article because you want to take the leap. You are halfway there.

You’ve done your research. If you have not done your research, start by talking to entrepreneurs. You will realize that they are not super humans, but everyday people like you and me. Those individuals took the leap because their passion for their business overtook their fear of failure.

Still not convinced?

Do something that scares you just a little bit everyday. Talk to that handsome stranger in the elevator, go skydiving, sing karaoke in a very crowded bar, whatever it is that gets you out of your comfort zone.

When you realize you are still alive and breathing, you may be closer to taking that leap after all.

I cannot afford to be an entrepreneur! How will I finance the business?

If you are passionate about being an entrepreneur, you will find creative ways to make it work. It could be a part-time job, friends and family investment, small business loan, or being a full-time employee/nights and weekend entrepreneur.

Keep in mind that you may not be able to afford your current lifestyle. Being an entrepreneur takes sacrifice. But, when you have the vision, the sacrifice is worth it.

These are a just a few of the many thoughts that I’m sure are swirling around in your head. After reading this, if you still think you want to be an entrepreneur, the best advice I can give you is to not over-think the process!

The biggest hurdle of all is keeping your fear of the unknown in check. The entrepreneur’s journey is risky, but it is that same risk that can make your dream a reality. You will never feel completely prepared, but that is what makes the journey so thrilling.

Once you realize this, taking the plunge is much easier than you think. So step back, relax and jump!

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Image: Daniel Marchese, Creative Commons

Stacy Yamaoka is the co-founder of Marry Me Live, where she is bringing live video streaming to the wedding industry. Marry Me Live partners with videographers and destination wedding resorts to make wedding webcasting accessible for wedding couples across the globe. She is also the co-founder of Yayastream, an all purpose content delivery network enabling organizations to easily manage their live video streaming and multimedia content. Talk to her on Twitter.

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