How Humor Can Help Grow Your Business

by Shonali Burke on July 30, 2010

Funny or bust

Bossy identical twin sis came over one day to announce we were going to write a fitness/humor blog together. Thank goodness I was in the mood to take all my nonexistent free time and fill it up with yet another unpaid job!

But she had thought it through.

Fitness advice blogs are out there and many have great tips. Humorous blogs are out there too, as anyone who has read borowitzreport.com can tell you.

Extensive research (at least 5 minutes) proved no other fitness/humor advice blogs by identical redheaded twins existed, so we knew we had cornered that market.

In just two months, we have managed to become columnists, syndicated feature bloggers, guest bloggers, and all-around popular twinsters who have been interviewed on the radio.

Our children even pretend to like us more, especially after we explained the hierarchy of the meal program.

Here are the things that have helped us grow so quickly, and we want to pass them along to you, in case you want to poach our ideas they are helpful:

1. If you have a sense of humor, it will help you, especially in the area of customer service and convincing people to pay attention to you in front of the next pitch or person.

If you don’t have a sense of humor, buy one on sale.

2. Find some other sucker to work with you who wants to work long hours for no initial pay. You can split the marketing, pestering and sleep.

I, for example, should not be allowed on our site as an administrator because all I know how to do is look for funny pictures. And kill posts. So twinster does that.

I hunt down mercilessly find places to send query letters. Sis likes it when I inform her that yet another site or publication is so worn down by my charm that the editor will take our posts and inflict share them with the public.

3. Be prepared for the massive amount of time you will put into your project.

Everyone says this, but if you mentally prep yourself for the effect on your sleep time, you’ll be so much more accepting. Ooohhhmmm…

4. Make time for your paid work. No point burning bridges.

Those who pay you now are future customers!

5. Get some social media/computer skills.

I thought Twitter was something southern ladies did behind their hands when they saw people walk by with t.p. under their shoe. I now have helpful goons, twerps and stalkers. They call themselves Twitter friends.

6. Figure out if your blog or website is your calling card or your moneymaker. Plan accordingly.

7. Speak with confidence. We don’t say, “If we write a book.” We say, “As soon as our book is done.”

When” is a far better word than “if.”

Good luck, dear goons, twerps and stalkers. If you can’t laugh, why do it?

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Image: Tim Walker, Creative Commons

Alexandra Williams, MA, co-writes Fun and Fit: Q and A with K and A, a humorous fitness blog with her twin sister, Kymberly, with the hope that readers will laugh themselves into a fit state. She is a contributing editor and writer to IDEA Fitness Journal, a fitness leader and presenter, and teaches in the exercise sports studies department at UC Santa Barbara. In her spare time she bakes and kills her organic garden. Talk to Alexandra and Kymberly on Twitter, where they go by @Alexandrafunfit and @Kymberlyfunfit respectively.

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