Tell Me Not

by Shonali Burke on July 15, 2010

The economy is going up – except when it is going down.

Are we in for another recession, a depression, or a boom? My investments, yours, everyone’s retirement savings are bouncing around like a fox with rabies and too often are about as attractive.

But today came

and you need to make a living, rebuild your business, and grow.

But today came

and you were fearful. The economy is frightening and the news too often bad.

And you are swamped with so many “to do” things.

The things you know you need to get done. Those you keep meaning to do.  And all the plans and goals you say you must define.

If you could find the top of your desk or the bottom of your email inbox, you’d be delighted – for a day, maybe.

If clients are too demanding

you feel pressured by all those expectations and wonder if you can sustain the demands and grow.

If you do not have too many demanding clients

you feel pressured by the need to find more work.

You probably cannot, single-handedly, solve our economic difficulties. But you can move yourself forward. Need a reminder, try this ode to entrepreneurs.

Do you know that there are studies which show that connecting to others, even electronically, raises levels of a brain chemical involved in feeling good?

Just think

A nice cold lemonade with a business colleague could make both of you feel better! And if you used it to do some brainstorming about your business issues, so much the better.

A series of notes to your connections to learn more about a potential opportunity – and you are feeling better able to cope.

I sent my last WGB post, Why Not Me?, out to a group of women who had inspired a part of it. Several sent me notes back about actually doing some of what I recommended, and two even included their new signatures.

Wow, did I feel good.

Does that mean a new client tomorrow? Probably not. But it did get me back out in front of people who can help grow my business.  And boosted my strength for other steps forward.

Right now a lot of folks are feeling scared or wonder whether they can sustain their business dreams and goals. Managers are hunkering down instead of inspiring and leading people.

And I am remembering a Wadsworth poem from my childhood:

“ Tell me not in mournful numbers
Life is but a dreary dream…”

It is from “A Psalm of Life” and very 19th century but also pretty real.

Whether you end the day by planning for the next

or start the new day with 10 minutes to organize and plan, a small effort each day becomes a big goal achieved.

Give yourself 10 – 15 minutes each day to move forward on one small step to a larger goal and see for yourself.

Need help? Bet you know someone else who does also and you can become peer coaches.


you can hire a coach.


an expert in a field you need to learn.


undertake some online research to create your next step.

Buy someone you admire lunch and get a little mentoring on how they did whatever you admire them for.

Or if you need a good swift kick, go read “The Worst Hard Time” by Timothy Evans. Wow, and I thought I had had some bad times to overcome.

You can create the future you want. And help the economy we all are a part of too.

Are you in?

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Image: Julie Jordan Scott, Creative Commons

Patricia A. Frame is an experienced management consultant, speaker, and executive with expertise in human capital, and founder of Strategies for Human Resources. She helps small to mid-size organizations achieve their goals through more effective human capital strategy and management. She can be reached through her website SHRinsight.com, where archives for her ongoing management series can be found.

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