Why Not Me?

by Shonali Burke on July 5, 2010

Sound familiar?

My friend needed the exact service I offer, but went with someone else…. why not me?

Been in this group for years but not finding it useful a referral source … why not me?

I help a lot of people but don’t get much help… why not me?

Before you have another ‘why not me’ moment

here are some simple tips to change the dialog. (Image: Cynthia A. Bartha, Creative Commons)


Does every email you send have some sort of tagline that reminds people of who you are and what you do? Does your signature make it easy to check you out and to connect with you?

Signatures  are generally simple to set up on email. Yet I belong to a consultants group where maybe a third of the women on the fairly active list have a signature block. Fewer still have a tag line saying what they love to do.

This group is not unusual. A lot of the email I see has no signature block. You do not need a long one or graphics/logos or something that takes 5 minutes to load.

But a good, clear tag line and some relevant information gives your readers a reason to notice, to connect, and maybe even to learn enough to work with you in the future.

Me – I need to go improve my own. What do you need to do?

Social Media

Whatever your preferred platform, how effective is your presence?

I use LinkedIn and have for years but am still need to be more effective. My old presence triggered recruiters to contact me about regular HR jobs and, as I tweaked it, about leads for various business positions. Now I get too many pro bono work requests.

Future-focus your information for the business you want to attract.

Demonstrate your relevant background, expertise, relevant skills, (whatever!) in the language and ideas. Clearly communicate your current business value.  Show me why I should contact you. And any social media needs to be kept current.

For years I have told clients how bad their websites are.

CEOs are always surprised a human resources advisor knows…

until I show them the impact on the top quality talent they say they want to hire and the business they want to attract.

What does your blog, LI or FB page – every tool you use – really say about your goals? Does it support your mission and create a professional impression?  Is it current? Well-written? Attractive? Properly targeted?


Are you making real connections or are you just playing networking numbers?

Do you really think in terms of steady long-term relationships?

Most of us get to know a lot of people over time. Years ago

I was at a community event and a man I worked with at times walked by. Startled by my saying “hi,” he stopped and finally said, “Gee, I didn’t recognize you with clothes on.”  Well, of course, he had only seen me in uniform.

We both laughed, although it took his wife a few more moments to join in.

How many of your online connections would not recognize you if you just sent them an email directly or saw them at an event?

“Why not me?” Because those people have no reason to help you.

Think of your network in terms of what you can do for each individual in it. Make it about providing help and ideas. I don’t mean you waste business time helping folks who are not likely to ever reciprocate.

But choose to make your connections into human connections, not just a “network.” If you offer to do something, do it. If you can go out for coffee, do so. If you can take the relationship to a deeper level, do that.

Help them and help them help you.

The bottom line

You have 24 hours each day you live. You choose how to spend each minute.

And nothing I have suggested takes a lot of time. But each tip above can be worth your investment.

What could you do today, and each day, in just 5-10 minutes, to change “Why not me?” into a chorus of folks saying:

“I know just the person.”

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Regular contributor Patricia A. Frame is an experienced management consultant, speaker, and executive with expertise in human capital. Launching a new Women Grow Business series on human resources for small business, Patricia is founder of Strategies for Human Resources. She helps small to mid-size organizations achieve their goals through more effective human capital strategy and management. She can be reached through her website SHRinsight.com, where archives for her ongoing management series can be found.

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