Mistakes to Avoid When Offering Online Courses

by Francie Dalton on August 18, 2010

Are you thinking about expanding your offerings to include online courses?

Not webinars – but sophisticated deliverables that combine recorded and live content augmented by simultaneous audio, video and slides,  with searchable posted assignments critiqued by you that are either viewable by all or restricted to identified groups?

It’s a very attractive idea isn’t it; one that seems like a logical and easy to execute addition to your other products and services?

But I’m willing to bet that very few of you have actually done it.

Instead of beating yourself up about yet another initiative you think you “should be taking but haven’t,” realize that your gut has a very good reason for not letting you move forward yet – even if you’re not exactly clear what that reason is.

So trust yourself – and keep reading!

Producing and successfully marketing an online course of the caliber you’d be proud to put your name on IS a daunting undertaking.

Don’t be misled by those who claim it’s quick and easy.

Yes, it’s a smart move;  yes, it’s the future; but it’s also a multi-faceted project involving multiple competencies and requiring 3-5 months from start to first air date.

Having done it, I can promise you that it would take hours to share all the lessons learned. Someday soon I’ll finish writing about them and will submit them to this forum.

Meanwhile, for my dear friends at WGB, I’ve prepared this short video that reveals the major mistakes I made along the way.

Chuckle, cringe, and chide you may; I hope my errors guide your way!

Image: Jason Pier in DC, Creative Commons

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Guest contributor Francie Dalton, CMC, is founder and president of Dalton Alliances, Inc. and author of the recently published book Versatility. Her Washington, D.C., based consultancy helps the C-Suite solve business nightmares. Francie equips clients to deal with what they didn’t see coming (and shows them there’s always another way to win!). She welcomes a chance to meet you via Twitter or on LinkedIn.

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