Twin Towers of Power: Time and Consistency

by Shonali Burke on August 11, 2010

Part-time efforts = Part-time results

The amount of time and level of consistency you put into something is directly proportional to your results: part-time effort will get you part-time return.

It is with time and consistency that children move from crawling to walking.

It is with time and consistency that small savings become golden parachutes.

And it is with time and consistency that businesses grow from start-ups to household brands.

How many articles have you read on the concepts of passion, determination, focus, etc.? Two often over-looked concepts are time and consistency.

They are the little talked about twin towers of power for success. This principle rings true throughout every area of your business, lead generation, sales, marketing and so on.

In marketing

all of your activities require time to work and consistency to build brand recognition to generate a response.

This is true regardless of whether you send direct mail, attend networking events or buy advertising. Doing any of these activities once, or even sporadically, won’t net you the results you want.

Direct mail has be to sent multiple times of year to be effective.

You have to introduce yourself to people a few times to be remembered.

Your advertising will be a waste of money if not regularly repeated.

And social media can be a waste of your most valuable resource – your time – if done hurriedly and irregularly.

  • Blogging requires time and consistency to build and maintain a readership. It takes time for readers to find you and trust what you’re posting.
  • You must consistently blog in order to become a reliable and dependable source of information.
  • It is better to not have a Facebook page, then to have one that is out-of-date, rarely updated or neglected, as it can go against the brand you are building.
  • A Twitter stream filled with re-tweets, entries selling your services/products or other unengaging messages, such as quotes, will get a lot of bots following you.

You get the point: time and consistency are your allies.

Use them to grow your brand and better your business.

Image: Andrew West, Creative Commons

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Shannon Mouton is the social media and mobile marketing manager for an online higher education institution. She is passionate about utilizing social media for the greater good, information sharing and networking. Shannon has nearly 20 years of community building, outreach and relationship marketing experience. She is the owner of The Mouton Group, a real estate investment firm, and a principal at Topaz Consulting, a public relations and marketing consulting enterprise. She serves on the board of directors for the In Series and a regular volunteer at Calvary Women’s Services. Her blog, Shannon Sez So, examines life, its joys, pains and idiosyncrasies. Shannon is also a contributor to Gridiron Gals, as a die-hard fan of the Washington Redskins. Contact her on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

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