What I Wish I’d Known In My First Week of Blogging

by Alexandra Williams on September 24, 2010

Portrait of a Beauty Blogging, after Chikanobu Toyohara


I recently came across a great question on a directory site for healthy living bloggers: “What do you wish someone would have told you in your first week of blogging?:

That got me to thinking, or musing, as the case may be.

I wish I’d been told that:

1. There are places to get photos for the blog that don’t cost money and are free legally.

Who wants to go to jail for Photo Poaching? Just imagine:
Whatcha in fer?

“Bank robbery.”


“Stabbings, maimings.”

“Bad Monty Python Quotes.”

“Illegal photo download.”

Really, who will sit with me in the commissary after that?

2. I’d be mainlining Twitter.

If you haven’t gone there yet, don’t do it. You’ll get sucked in.

Too many twerps, goons & stalkers cool people.

3. Not all your family and close personal (damn those fair-weather) friends will subscribe and comment.

Even after the blackmail pictures.

4. Some people will write mean, snarky stuff.

But enough about my family and friends.

5. Having mean or condescending comments actually means you’re becoming successful.

Why be so bland that no one disagrees with you? Unless your blog is about oatmeal.

6. It’s actually quite easy to get newspapers, syndicated sites and radio hosts to print your stuff and give you air time.

Just call and ask…

… If your writing’s good…

… And you pay them…

No, you really can get media attention.

Be good at writing. Ask. That’s it.

Oh, one more thing. Relentlessly hound them. That also works.

7. It’s a waste of energy to be jealous of others’ success.

There’s always room for more talent. Or you can kneecap them.

(Oh, I hope Tonya Harding doesn’t read my blog.)

8. My back would hurt from sitting at the computer for hours on end.

Or is that “hours on my end?”

9. I’d need to be prepared to change as we see what’s working and what’s not.

For example, my blog is actually “our” blog as it’s written by my twin sister and me.

But she wasn’t working so I got rid of her.

Besides, she’s imaginary…. Oh, hi Kymberly.

10. Sometimes it’s more of a slog than a blog.

But stay committed. It really is fun. And rewarding.

And you meet lots of great people. Especially on Twitter.

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Image: Mike Licht via Flickr, Creative Commons

Alexandra Williams, MA, co-writes Fun and Fit: Q and A with K and A, a humorous fitness blog with her twin sister, Kymberly, in the hope that readers will laugh themselves into a fit state. Together they speak at events, on the radio and in public rest stops. Alexandra is a contributing editor and writer for IDEA Fitness Journal, and teaches in the exercise sports studies department at UC Santa Barbara. Talk to Alexandra on Twitter, where she goes by @Alexandrafunfit.

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