Do You Need To Eliminate The Toxic Dumper?

by Francie Dalton on November 16, 2010

Toxic FishThis is Part I of a two-part series

Toxic Dumper Alert!

So. You’re sitting at your desk, working productively when, as has already happened to you numerous times this week, in comes the Toxic Dumper.

Image: Pete Simon via Flickr, Creative Commons

Flopping down into a chair with a heavy sigh of exasperation, they proceed to commandeer your time, using you as a dumping ground for complaints of all types.

Let’s be generous

and assume that you have only one toxic dumper, who wastes only 10 minutes of your time per day. Believe it or not, that adds up to an entire week per year!

How? 10 minutes per day multiplied by 240 work days per year =  2,400 minutes = 40 hours!

And keep in mind that from an organizational perspective, since the “dumping” activity involves at least two parties, it really wastes two weeks per year.

Why should you take action to eliminate the toxic dumper from your life?

Five reasons:

First, you’re reputed to be like those with whom you are in frequent company. Do you really want to be known as someone who meets often with the worst malcontents in the office?

Second, we become like those with whom we’re in frequent company. We shouldn’t kid ourselves; as tough as we may think we are, the constant complainers in our lives do have a negative impact on us.

They rob our joy, erode our serenity, and creep into our subconscious with negative chatter.

Third, your productivity takes a hit as a result of granting air time to your toxic dumper; can you really afford that opportunity cost?

Fourth, believe it or not, others are aware when the toxic dumper is being thwarted.

Taking steps to de-activate the toxic dumper doesn’t escape notice; instead it ushers into your immediate work environment a higher level of behavioral expectations and sets you apart from those who aren’t willing to take action.

Finally, and quite simply, you’ll save an astonishing amount of time!

Neutralizing the toxic dumper is achieved differently depending upon their hierarchical position relative to yours.

Next week, you’ll get specific techniques to help you nuke your toxic dumper; whether that person is your boss, a peer, or your subordinate.

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Francie Dalton, CMC, is founder and president of Dalton Alliances, Inc. and author of the recently published book Versatility. Her Washington, DC based consultancy helps the C-Suite solve business nightmares. Francie equips clients to deal with what they didn’t see coming (and shows them there’s always another way to win!). She welcomes a chance to meet you via Twitter or on LinkedIn.

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