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by Shonali Burke on December 29, 2010

Pink Magazines reading concentrationStriking a chord

As we approach the end of the year, I was curious to find out which, if any, of the posts on Women Grow Business had struck a chord.

Not only with you, but with the wonderful women who contribute to the blog, many of whom have been doing so for almost two years now.

Wow. Almost two years?! Gotta be something keeping ‘em coming back, right?

Here’s what some of them had to say.

Jill Foster found Kacy Paide‘s recent article on how a weekly newsletter helped grow her business insightful, since “getting a newsletter off the ground is a goal.”

She continued, “Her interest in brevity stood out (i.e. approximately 200 words or so for weekly newsletters). I’d been pressuring myself to be more long-winded and that was overwhelming. So I look forward to re-approaching the format with a willingness to cultivate brief value via e-newsletters.”

Liz Scherer said, “I loved Jill’s Authenticity 2.0 and Rants About Women. I think that it challenges how women sometimes pave their own paths in ways that are detrimental to their growth and also provides a foundation for changing that paradigm or at least thinking about it.”

And Wendy Scherer (not a contributor… yet!) appreciated Ann Bevans‘ ideas on mixing it up to get out of a rut.

In particular, Wendy took Ann’s advice on switching up role, i.e. “taking someone else’s responsibilities for a short time. We did. And it definitely made me look at some issues very differently and the outcome was very positive.”

Alexandra Williams, a more recent addition to our team, enjoyed Deborah Ager‘s post on link building tips. “I found “Link Building Tips 101″ by Deborah Ager to be helpful to me as a fairly new blogger. First of all, she gave a list of tips and defined her terms; all important to someone like myself who doesn’t really understand technical terms.

“Her advice was succinct and practical – write what people want to read, ask for what you want, use press releases to increase your visibility to search engines. Okay, I’m not quite ‘there’ yet enough to understand her section on BatchBlue, but at least I got the message that it’s important to have the right tool!

“I have a tendency to turn into a squirrel chasing a nut, so having a ‘base’ to which I can return is very time-saving for me.”

And as for me? Honestly, there are so many, but you probably figured I’d say that, being editor and all. It’s really tough for me to pick just one, but since I have to play by the rules too, I have to pick Patricia Frame’s Tell Me Not.

It’s been a tough year for many people and I have my share of ups and downs. Patricia’s beautiful, gently-written kick-in-the-derrière was just what I needed, and I think of it often, both when I’m down as well as when I’m “up.”

Now it’s your turn. Which WGB post particularly resonated with you, and why? Do share in the comments below, we would so like to know.

Image: Pedro Ribeiro Simões via Flickr, Creative Commons

Women Grow Business editor Shonali Burke is the award-winning principal of Shonali Burke Consulting, which specializes in “integrated communication to the nth degree.” In other words, she turns your communication conundrums into community cool. Featured on BNET as The Startup Storyteller, she also publishes Waxing UnLyrical under the watchful eyes of Chuck, Suzy Q. and Lola, her three rescue dogs. Her long-suffering husband has accepted that Shonali can most often be found on Twitter.

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