On Women and Inspiration

by Shonali Burke on December 6, 2010

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Looking for inspiration?

Jill Foster, founding editor of WGB, is part of a dynamo speaker slate at TEDxPrincetonLibrary tomorrow. From the description on the registration page:

How are women and girls reshaping the future?

The first-ever TEDWomen invites men and women to explore this question in depth. A truly global event, TEDWomen will center in Washington, D.C., and connect live to self-organized events across the globe as part of the TEDx program.

The Princeton Public Library is pleased to have a license to stream the feed from DC and to also host a live evening session with 5 speakers and a musician on December 7th. The theme for our evening session is “Women and Technology in the Age of Conversation” and will feature Jill Foster of Live Your Talk.

You’ll remember that Jill handed over her editing pen, er, cursor, to me at the beginning of 2010 to found Live Your Talk, so that

she could live her talk and

empower women to live their talk, while

I live my talk along with

the entire WGB community, who all

write and share their talk so beautifully every day on this blog, so that

you can live your talk.

(Did I go overboard there? Never mind. I’m the editor.)

If you’ve never seen Jill in action and are in the Princeton area, I strongly recommend you hoof it over. I can’t even begin to tell you what a dynamite coach she is (well, I could begin, but I wouldn’t end).

Here’s some more from Jill’s blog on TEDWomen and TEDxPrincetonLibrary, and you can register right here.

Not that she needs it, but good luck, Jill!

Image: Lynne Lowe via Flickr, Creative Commons

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