A Tiny Thread

by Ann Bevans on January 13, 2011

inheritance and heredity: all sewn up

I may be the worst seamstress ever.

This is deeply embarrassing, if only because my mother was such a pro. When my sister and I were small, we spent countless hours with her at Jo-Ann’s, flipping through pattern books and selecting fabrics.

At home, she would unroll the fabric on the dining room table, right side down, and carefully pin each crinkly piece of the pattern in a jigsaw puzzle of her own design.

My mother made our Easter dresses. She made our Halloween costumes. She made my prom dress.

The other day, I spent 45 minutes sewing two measly buttons on my coat.

As I sat here, clumsily poking the mending kit needle through charcoal gray wool, making it through the button on roughly 1 in 30 attempts, I wondered how this impossibly fragile thread, which I could break with my hands, was going to hold against the violence of my buttoning and unbuttoning.

With practice, I found the hole faster. I whipped the thread around each button about 50 times. Knot, cut, repeat.

I’ve never seen sturdier buttons.

Remember the thread

Next time you’re procrastinating on your blog, or thinking about bailing on a networking event, or telling yourself that you don’t have time to pick up the phone, or make a video, or figure out Twitter, remember the thread.

Just as every loop of the thread holds the button tighter, every marketing activity you complete, every piece of content you create, adds to a whole that, before long, cannot be unraveled.

Keep up the good work.

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Image: Kitty DuKane via Flickr, Creative Commons

Ann Bevans is a writer, graphic designer and web developer.  As principal of Ann Bevans Collective, she helps clients articulate messages that matter and create print and online marketing programs that communicate those messages with impact. Ann asks tough questions and doesn’t accept flimsy answers. She makes music and writes fiction. She does all her own stunts.  Connect with Ann at www.annbevans.com, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

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