Wanna Grow Biz? Join The #NetSol Twitterchat With Rieva Lesonsky

by Shonali Burke on January 18, 2011

Here at the Network Solutions blog communities, we really really want to help each other grow our businesses.

So we keep coming up with ways to do that!

If you couldn’t make the #wgbiz Twitterchat last week – or couldn’t get enough chatting! – there’s another one coming your way. Tomorrow, the #Netsol Tweet chat will feature Rieva Lesonsky, renowned expert on small business ownership, author, speaker and CEO of Grow Biz Media. Rieva (@rieva) will be addressing key trends for 2011 that will help you get ahead of your competitors.

Joining the chat is easy and fun, and it’s held conveniently during lunch time. All you have to do is follow the hashtag #NetSol on Twitter.

As the old saying goes, out with the old and in with the new… right?

With 2010 behind you, the future looks bright. But as a small business owner, what are some key trends you should stay on top of? What sorts of initiatives can put you above your competitors? And ultimately what can you do to increase business in 2011?

Rieva will answer those questions and further discuss:

Demographic Trends

  • What are the key markets you should engage with in 2011?
  • The 3 B’s for a successful 2011 – babies, boomers and brides.

Internet Trends

  • Do you have a website? Surprisingly, only 54% of small businesses do. If you’ve made that plunge, it’s time to take a look at cloud computing and mobile as key online tools for 2011. (Side note: you should also make sure you own, and are protecting, your website.)

Trend Spotting

  • How can you identify overarching trends and still reach your target market?
  • What are some tips on how to trend spot for yourself to become better aware of your audience’s needs?

But wait, there’s more!

During the chat, the Network Solutions team will give away five free copies of Robert Fine’s The Big Book of Social Media Case Studies, Stories, Perspectives!

You can’t win one if you don’t participate, so sign up for the “Key Trends for 2011″ Twitter chat today! You can participate in the dedicated chat room (make sure you’re following the #NetSol hashtag), and remember, it’s from 1 – 2:30 pm ET tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan. 19th.

What’s a Twitter chat? Check out this overview, and you might find this post I wrote a while back on making the most of a Twitter chat useful as well.

Women Grow Business editor Shonali Burke is the award-winning principal of Shonali Burke Consulting, which specializes in “integrated communication to the nth degree.” In other words, she turns your communication conundrums into community cool. Featured on BNET as The Startup Storyteller, she also publishes Waxing UnLyrical under the watchful eyes of Chuck, Suzy Q. and Lola, her three rescue dogs. Her long-suffering husband has accepted that Shonali can most often be found on Twitter.

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