What Cracking My Evo Smartphone Taught Me

by Stella Fayman on January 19, 2011

cracked iphone screen - Day 5


For months (and I mean months) I was mired in consumer tech review websites and biting my nails over the next big cell phone decision. For those of you rolling your eyes at me…this was a big decision! Almost self defining, if you will.

Having been terribly disappointed by my previous “cutting edge” tech purchase (a Palm Pre),  I took meticulous care in deciding the next step.

Finally, I purchased an HTC Evo. Despite the cautions in battery life I read about, there was just something about this phone that was really attractive (I won’t go into details since this isn’t a review).

After a few weeks of cradling and cooing my new phone, I hated it.

The battery died at 2 p.m. Forget about using 4G… the battery would be dead in 5 minutes. This top-of-the-line technology soon became a liability for me as I asked sushi restaurants to charge it during dinner and had to shift my extra charger from coat pocket to coat pocket.

The dependency it created was catching, and the helplessness felt when the battery died debilitating.

After less than two months of use (on my two-year contract), I was so over it. I was throwing this phone around like my old Palm Pre and pondering my next smart phone purchase. Little did I know I would soon be hit with a big lesson.

One day, I was getting out of a car, completely forgetting that my Evo was in my lap. The phone fell from my soft coat to the hard concrete in a swift move and landed face down. I cringed, but didn’t think twice when I picked it up.

Then, I saw it. Twisting, sharp, and splintery like a cobweb… the lines across the cell phone screen were ugly and severe.

For a moment I was breathless, and then the tears came.

From unwelcome to an invalid

The phone I had been complaining about, muttering curse words under my breath, and regarding as unfit was now an invalid. Though the phone still functioned, the screen was destroyed. I stared at the enormity and reality of the situation. My brand new, insurance-less, uber-expensive smart phone was shattered.

At first, I wanted to do everything I could to fix it but then a strange thing happened. I gained an appreciation for the imperfection. It humbled me.

I had been swaggering about, complaining how terrible my phone was, but now, I realized just how dependent I was on it, and how I should’ve treated it with more care.

Now, each time I pick up my phone, I am touched with the humility and gravity of the shattered screen which reminds me of the big lesson I learned… not to take things for granted, even my cell phone.

So much time and effort went into picking the darn thing out, and then in a second of hurried carelessness, it was ruined.

Not to be preachy, but so many things in life are exactly this way. My cracked cell phone screen reminds me how important each moment is in life, and also how tenuous relationships can be. My relationship with my cell phone is now a lot kinder, gentler, and more appreciative.

And I’m not planning on getting it fixed anytime soon (ok, we’ll see about that).

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Image of a cracked iPhone: Patrick Hoesly via Flickr, Creative Commons

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