Go, Granny, Go!

by Shonali Burke on February 4, 2011

You’re probably getting all excited about Sunday’s Super Bowl commercials… aren’t you?

(Admit it. You are.)

I was tickled when I found out that Network Solutions – our friendly neighborhood host (and because of whom this community exists) got a jump start on them.

Check it out. And don’t forget to yell, “Go, Granny, Go!” How funny is Cloris Leachman?! And props to Lisa Stone and BlogHer for their support as well.

So there you go. A cool way to kick off your commercial-watching weekend (probably the only weekend you’ll actually tune in for the commercials, as opposed to tuning out).

If you want to keep up with Go Granny – and who wouldn’t?! – Twitter is one of the best places to do that.

She’s @Go_Granny (don’t forget to follow the #GoGranny hashtag), where I’m told she’ll be tweeting especially raucously tonight at 6 pm ET, tomorrow, Feb. 5 at 3 pm ET, and Sunday at 3 pm ET, where she will “highlight her wild escapades during her youth with celebrities and social media influencers alike on Twitter.”

(I can’t quite figure out how there would have been SM influencers during her youth, but I’m sure she’ll tell us).

Other places you can keep up:

Happy watching!

Photo of Cloris Leachman © Network Solutions

Women Grow Business editor Shonali Burke is the award-winning principal of Shonali Burke Consulting, which specializes in “integrated communication to the nth degree.” In other words, she turns your communication conundrums into community cool. Featured on BNET as The Startup Storyteller, she also publishes Waxing UnLyrical under the watchful eyes of Chuck, Suzy Q. and Lola, her three rescue dogs. Her long-suffering husband has accepted that Shonali can most often be found on Twitter.

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