How Taking A Vacation From Your Business Can Help It Grow

by Guest Contributor on February 4, 2011

Sometimes the best thing for business is to get away….no I mean really get away.

As an entrepreneur and the only one currently running my coaching business, the thought of letting it be for two whole weeks was frightening.

I had signed myself up for a National Outdoor Leadership Course (NOLS) as it was something I had wanted to do for over 10 years.  I actually had an AmeriCorps education award that was going to expire so I didn’t even need to pay for the trip and I really really wanted to do the course.

But I had my own business. I would be away from all communication for two weeks!

For the weeks leading up to the trip I tried to think positively but it didn’t work very well.

I had thoughts like: my business is going to crash, all of my clients will disappear, I will go broke, it will be so hard to build it back up and on and on and on.

Nobody was going to be attending to the success of my business!

But once in the woods…

I had the most incredible time out in those woods disconnected from anything and was literally glowing upon my return. Three years later, the trip is still supporting the growth of business through clients, referrals, and a variety of other opportunities connected to this trip.

All from mostly ignoring the daily rituals of my business for two full weeks.

Benefits of getting away:

1. It gives you perspective

you will never get while you are actively working on your business.  You have inspiration and ideas that you just can’t get while in your office.

2. You lose the significance.

We easily worry about mostly minor things and get caught up in the small stuff in life. Once you really get away and are not attending to e-mail, phone calls etc., the big revolutionary ideas come to the surface.

3. You come back glowing.

People like this, people are attracted to this, they want to talk, they want to know what have you been doing, and how can they get some of that?!

4. And since you come back with perspective, big ideas, less attachment and pure joy

you are much more inclined to promote your business in new and radical ways.

I also took a six-month honeymoon, maternity leave and plan on taking more trips away. Primarily for the benefit of me and my business.

Because really, what benefits you at your core benefits your business.

P.S.: Stefan Seigmaster also has a great Ted talk on the power of time off, go check it out now!

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Image: D. Bjorn via Flickr, Creative Commons

Wendy Hupperich is a Life and Sabbatical Coach who supports individuals and small businesses in their Leap. She has an extensive history of solo travel and now brings her husband and son along on the adventure. You can subscribe to Wendy’s Weekly Words of Wisdom: A short reflection on daily life to get you thinking at www.WendyHupperich.com.

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