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by Guest Contributor on March 15, 2011

Guest Parking 2You have been working your way through the freelance industry in one way or another, and that has led you to the ultimate opportunity of blogging.

Congratulations; you have become a part of one of the greatest social media resources on the web. A great way of reaching your target readers from all over the world, your niche is served well through this form of writing.

But when you have established a place on your own blog, where do you go from there?

You already know the benefits of guest blogging, which is just where you would like to go next. But how do you find places that will be willing (and even eager) to host your writing?

Don’t worry, this is actually the easy part. Just use these tips to help you find the best guest blogging opportunities for you.

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Are you funny but not very good with putting across real information? Are you more technical but with less of a sense of humor? Do you do well with finding great sources to pass along, or creating viral content?

What you are good at is what you will want to offer, so look for somewhere that will appreciate that ability.

Make sure they don’t have someone already filling the role; you have to be able to give them something unique that will make you an asset for the time you are writing for their blog.

Niche Based On Your Interests, Not Your Blog

OK, so you have a fairly successful site that is based on shoes. You look at the latest pairs, link to special deals and all in all give a one-stop place for people to check out the best for their footwear fetish.

That’s great, but if you are already doing it, why would you want to guest for another blog that is dedicated to the same?

Branch out, and base it more on what you read than what you write. Do you have a few dozen bookmarks about various, wider fashion topics? Then start looking for fashion blogs. Maybe write for a site that focuses on your other love: hats. Whatever it is that gets you going, you should stick with your passions and not your professional comfort zone.

From there, look at the actual blogs you read and regularly comment on. Do they allow for guest blogging? There should be an area on the site, usually the About Us page or a tab on its own, that has information on becoming a contributor.

What better place to start than a place you already know?

Learn How To Search

There are several ways you can make Google work for you when looking for blogs to write for. The first is the obvious, and that is looking for the policy of specific sites you read that you would like to try for.

This is easy to do, just search for one of the following:

  • [site:blogname.com] guest post policy
  • [site:blogname.com] guest posting
  • [site:blogname.com] write for
  • [site:blogname.com] guest post
  • [site:blogname.com] guest writer
  • [site:blogname.com] contribute

Anything similar will usually bring the same results, so feel free to create variations to meet your needs. But if you need something more generic, you can always do it based on keywords, such as:

  • ‘blogging’ ‘guest’ ‘fashion’
  • ‘contribute’ ‘blog’ ‘auto’
  • ‘write for us’ ‘tech’
  • ‘geek’ ‘blog’ ‘write’
  • ‘guest bloggers’ ‘home improvement’

Utilize Twitter or Searches

Twitter is an incredible social resource. Where Facebook is usually aimed more at marketing, and MySpace is great for mainstream media sharing, Twitter is 100% real time.

This updating process leads to constantly fresh searches which give you the latest on whatever it is you are looking for. That means the most recent guest blogging gigs posted in real time for you to see at any moment from anywhere.

The only thing you have to remember is that Twitter search is a lot more specific than Google. It searches through updates based solely on what it is you put in.

So if you ask in question format, it will only bring back question posts. But this also gives you a chance for a more narrowed result pool from people who just posted their updates.


  • Looking for guest posts
  • Guest bloggers needed
  • Write for us
  • Want to write for us?

You can also use Seesmic Desktop for all of your searching needs. All you have to do is modify the settings in Notifications to watch out for new search results with your usual keywords and phrases. You get a little (silent!) pop up that will alert you to a new match in the future.

Join a Community

There are plenty of sites that have been created to list guest blogging opportunities, most of them placed there by the blogs themselves looking for people to write.

Usually they are put into niches, such as for frugal living bloggers (Wisebread), or for women bloggers looking to write on female-specific topics (BlogHer). There are also general ones such as my own MyBlogGuest, which is a popular site for people looking for fresh and free content.

Get Started!

There are plenty of ways that you can start your search. You already know what you want to do, now all you have to do is catch the scent and follow it to your next blogging opportunity.

Guesting on another site is a great way to promote your own blog, get a new perspective, or just have fun. So get started today!

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Image: ScottieT812 via Flickr, Creative Commons

Ann Smarty is a blogger and web entrepreneur. Ann blogs on search marketing and social media. She is also passionate about guest blogging and her passion resulted in her newest project – My Blog Guest, the free forum for guest bloggers and blog owners. The MyBlogGuest.com community strives to advocate the quality approach to guest posting.

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