Victoria Livschitz: A Woman Who Has Cracked the Glass Ceiling

by Sherrie Bakshi on April 5, 2011

The timing of my interview with Victoria Livschitz couldn’t have been more perfect.

Just a few days before our scheduled interview, a national study revealed that women still make 80% less than men in the workplace. One of the factors discussed as part of this assessment was that women do not to go into high income fields like science and technology.

“I definitely don’t think that’s the case,” said Victoria.

Victoria is the CEO of Grid Dynamics, a consulting company that provides  technological consulting services to companies in the technology and retail sectors. It generates millions of dollars each year, and employs 150 people worldwide.

“More women are pursuing careers in technology fields, and are taking more senior roles with these companies,” she says. “We are also seeing a growing interest in math and science among the younger generations.”

Role model

A student of mathematics, computer science and engineering, Victoria is not only a role model for women entrepreneurs, but for women aspiring to pursue careers in a fields which have been male dominated.

She launched Grid Dynamics in 2006 at the age of 35 as a two-person shop with four engineers contracted from Russia (Victoria’s birthplace).

“It wasn’t a question of if’; it was a question of when,” she said.

With a strong vision combined with realistic business plan and support network, Victoria continued on a path towards building a successful company.

“Putting together a business plan and building a network were only part of the early stages of starting Grid Dynamics,” says Victoria.

“Gathering the right team and funding were by far the key components for successfully launching the company.”

The company grew one client at a time. And today, Grid Dynamics client list includes EBay, Macys.com, Microsoft Corporation and a number of Wall Street firms. Though it is headquartered in Silicon Valley, Grid Dynamics also has offices in New York, Moscow and Saratov, Russia.

Attitude matters

While the growth of Grid Dynamics is extremely impressive, it was by far Victoria’s attitude and drive that caught my eye.

Victoria’s rules to building a successful company are ones that other women entrepreneurs should consider (whether their dreams are to launch a one person shop or one that employees talented people to get the job done).

Victoria’s Top Five Rules are:

Make sure you have a clear vision.

You cannot succeed without having a clear and compelling idea of what the world needs to make somebody life’s better.

Create an execution plan.

You need to know if you can meet that need. You need to be pragmatic.

Relationships are key.

Companies do business with companies but it’s people who are making the decisions.

Strong leadership skills are a necessity.

You have to be somebody that people want to follow.

You must be fiscally responsible.

You have to pace the growth your business in an organic and meaningful way.

Make the right decisions to invest and know when you need to slow down.

In today’s competitive world, women are not only making a footprint in male-dominated fields, but are indeed breaking the glass ceiling.

Just look at Victoria Livschitz.

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Image © Victoria Livschitz, used with permission

Sherrie Bakshi is communications maven at Matrix Group, and co-founder of Stylee PR & Marketing, which is now run and managed by co-founder Vladia Jurcova Spencer. Sherrie’s 10+ years of experience encompass everything from traditional media relations to effective social networking and online strategies. She is a volunteer and committee member for The Reading Connection, which helps at-risk families throughout the DC Metro area create environments that encourage family reading. When not working or volunteering, Sherrie enjoys spending time with her dog, Nikki.

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