Four Social Media Tips for B2B Companies

by Stella Fayman on May 5, 2011

Social Media Iceberg
Many B2B companies have questioned the value of social media, and until recently, there’s been little evidence to prove its efficacy. As a B2B business actively engaged in social media, here are some quick tips I’ve found useful:

Learn from Failure

In our field (credit card processing) the twittosphere is filled with spammy tweets from robots (tweetbots).

We do not compete with this strategy and on the contrary, do the exact opposite. Instead of spamming potential followers, we only tweet valued resources from the FeeFighters account.

Don’t Waste Your Time

In the same vein, though we do have an active Facebook page, we don’t spend a lot of time promoting it.

Why should we? It doesn’t do much for us.

Our customers are not active on Facebook, and though it may work for other business/industries, we’ve found that the ROI is negligible.

Use Social Media for PR

A great use for social media is to connect people who would not know each other without it. Targeting reporters with useful information can lead to wins.

One practical way I’ve used it is to target blogs and bloggers I’d love to contribute to, and send examples of my writing.

Use Social Media for Business Development

Establishing relationships with potential business partners can also be a win via social media.

We help our existing partners promote themselves via social media, and actively reach out to others who we’d like to connect with fairly frequently. Both situations have been win-win.

Though traditionally B2C, social media can have practical B2B effects.

The challenge is to sort through all the advice out there and find a meaningful strategy that is true to your business.

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Image: Intersection Consulting via Flickr, Creative Commons

Stella Fayman blogs about credit card processing for the FeeFighters BlogFeeFighters.com is the comparison shopping site for credit card processors; just like getting multiple quotes for airfare using Expedia, TransFS lets business owners compare top quality processors on an apples-to-apples basis and makes sure they get the best deal by not having any cancellation or hidden fees, and only interchange plus pricing. Contact Stella with specific questions at stella@feefighters.com or connect with her on Twitter.


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