September #wgbiz Outgoing Editor Twitterchat with Shonali Burke

by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on October 24, 2011

#wgb Twitterchat

It was the end of August.

It had been announced that Shonali’s schedule was becoming too demanding to continue on as our Editor here at Women Grow Business, and no one knew who was taking over.

She was a bit under the weather, so I volunteered to help with the chat at the last minute, petrifying as the thought was.

We brainstormed over the phone to find a way to make the chat process work, such that she could be present, but not overloaded. (I was much more concerned about this than she was- she was more concerned about not letting the community down.)

At the last minute we came up with a brilliant idea. What if I interviewed her about being the Editor and Community Leader of Women Grow Business? It would be the perfect changing of the guard, more perfect than we could have ever planned, in retrospect.

The interview was quite successful – many people who rarely dropped by came to support Shonali and see her off, so to speak. And she did not disappoint. One thing she said that struck a cord with me was when asked what it was like to become the leader of this great community:


More Highlights from the Wisdom Shonali Shared

  • How Women Grow Business impacted her approach to leadership
  • Why she decided to accept the reins from our Founding Editor, Jill Foster.
  • The extension of the community beyond the blog
  • Her biggest challenges

You can download the transcript of that day’s chat here – [pdf 1.7 mb]. (The good stuff starts on the third page).

Luckily for us, this isn’t the last we’ll see of Shonali Burke. She’ll remain a part of our community, and has been an incredible resource in helping me find my way as her successor.

The October transcript will also be available shortly. In the meantime, mark your calendar for the next chat when our own Thursday Bram will be discussing freelancing from noon to 1pm on November 14th. More details will be released as the date gets closer, so be sure and sign up for the newsletter in the upper right corner of the page, to be reminded of our monthly community chat when it gets closer.

Twitter bird image courtesy of Six Revisions

More about Shonali

Shonali Burke is the award-winning principal of Shonali Burke Consulting, where she turns your communication conundrums into community cool. Adjunct faculty for Johns Hopkins’ MA/Communication program, she publishes Waxing UnLyrical under the watchful eyes of Chuck, Suzy Q. and Lola, her three rescue dogs. Her long-suffering husband has accepted that Shonali can most often be found on Twitter.

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