Balancing Where You Are and Where You Want to Be

by Thursday Bram on November 22, 2011

There are days that I want to throw tantrums about my business: full on, lay on the floor and scream like a two year old tantrums. I get frustrated by the fact that I know where my business can go, but it isn’t there yet.

It’s not even a question of patience: I know how long it’s going to take to build up certain aspects of my business and I know how much I’ve already accomplished.

But I can also visualize how perfectly things can be down the line and I want to be there already.

I don’t throw the temper tantrums. I don’t even bang my head on the desk. I’ve started focusing on balancing where I am and where I want to be, to make the situation less frustrating.

Keeping the Drive

Despite the fact that the frustration doesn’t feel good, there’s a certain benefit that goes with it. To a point, you can throw that frustration into working on business projects.

Getting all wound up? Use the energy to power through a couple extra hours of work this evening. It’s not a long term strategy, of course — rely on frustration for energy and you’re practically guaranteed to burn out. However, it’s something you have to be aware of when you’re working to bring things more into balance.

We can’t afford to turn off the feeling that we need to move further along, even if we could. That feeling is key to our drive and part of what keeps us moving forward. Rather, it’s something that needs to be brought into balance. Use a little of that energy and then reduce the frustration before it drives you over the edge.

Look at the Good

I’ve found a fast way to short-circuit my own frustration: I start looking at how far I’ve already come. I think about the fact that five short years ago, I was still in college.

And, while it’s perhaps not the nicest way to handle things, I take a look at people who started out at the same time and I can see that I’ve gotten a lot farther than many of them. (Word to the wise: don’t look at people on the level of Mark Zuckerberg — I have to keep telling myself that he got a year’s head start on me and I still revert back to frustration.)

Look at how far you’ve come and focus on that. I bet you’ll feel a lot better about the balance between where you are and where you want to be.

Image by Flickr user Ethan Sherbondy.

Thursday Bram offers content marketing through Hyper Modern Consulting, as well as more traditional writing services. She’s also the co-creator of Constructively Productive, the blog that’s bringing perspective to productivity. You can find Thursday on Twitter.

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