Calendar of Upcoming Events for Women in Business

by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on February 27, 2012

Obviously, there aren’t enough Women Grow Business Events to fill up this calendar on its own.

And no, this has absolutely nothing to do with our successful Women’s Leadership Soirée. It’s just that this post is about events and I love that picture of  Nicolette Pizzitola and Jill Foster.

And yeah, what you’ll see below isn’t Actually a calendar, it’s a list of events – a summary even.

I tried the calendar route when this plan was first annnounced … and let’s just say it was a contributing factor to how long it took to put this together. But… the upside of this format is that it allows for a fluidity not otherwise possible.

Therefore, at least twice a month on Mondays, I’ll publish a new or updated installment of this events summary, with events of interest to Women Business Leaders and the community that supports us.

The goal?

To publicize events held for, attended by, or with panelists of, the Global Business Women’s community. If you know of an event geared towards women in business, and would like to listed here, send an email to tinuwgb@asktinu.com, with a link to a page about the event.

Or to greatly shorten response time, send a tweet about your event using the #wgbiz hashtag.  If it’s appropriate, we’ll list it here.

Turnaround time for email listings is two weeks to a month. Turnaround for a tweet is three days at the most. I’m really not kidding about tweets expediting your listing. And don’t forget the hashtag – that’ll often get you a retweet too.

Click here to see the Women Business Events Summary for March on the Storify website if you’re having trouble viewing this on a mobile device.

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