How to Have the Most Fun Celebrating International Women’s Day #iwd

by Tinu Abayomi-Paul on February 28, 2012


What Is International Women’s Day?

You’ve probably heard that March is now officially Women’s History March in America. Typical celebrations include highlighting prominent women in history, of course, as well as highlighting women who are believed will make history.

International Women’s Day is a similar idea, only we celebrate women worldwide. Just yesterday, I heard that Oxfam America has some great tools set up to help you personalize your celebration, and make it more a more meaningful recognition of the person you’d like to recognize.

If you’re not familiar with the Oxfam organization, you can read more about the nonprofit here.

Why Should You Take the Time to Personalize International Women’s Day?

Before I continue, I’d like to share a personal story that may shed some light on why you’d want to take the time to single out a woman or two that you know, and use the tools Oxfam has set up on their website to honor a peer, mentor or protégée.

Not two hours passed after I heard about International Women’s Day, and had started putting together a list of women I’d be surprising with honors on March 8th before I got the most delightful surprise from a colleague of mine, Shelly Kramer. You may have heard of her because, quite frankly, Shelly’s kind of a big deal.

And what do you think was in this email?

An International Women’s Day Award with my name on it. I can’t tell you how touched I was. That made my day – which was pretty hard because I was having an unusually Fantastic day already.

Now, I share that story for a specific reason, and it’s not to brag. (I am bragging. That’s just not the reason I’m sharing.)

It’s to emphasize that these the gesture means a lot when they’re offered with sincerity, for a specific reason, especially when they’re from someone you have respect and esteem for professionally. So please dont make the mistake of dismissing it because Oxfam’s kit makes recogizing someone easier to do.

It’s the meaning behind this action that counts.

How You Can Have a Personalized Celebration of International Women’s Day

Using the tools Oxfam has provided at their International Women’s Day awards center, you can make International Women’s Day your own in three main ways.

  1. Send International Women’s Day ecards
  2. Create an International Women’s Day Award
  3. Fill out the PDF and email it, or print it out and present it in person if the person is nearby, for a special touch.

  4. You can even hold an International Women’s Day event! This is a great option if you want to present awards to a group of women, or team up with other local groups.

There are several other options of course – in the International Women’s Day information center at Oxfam’s site, you can find events in your area. Or instead of having a formal event, you could throw a house party – either one can be listed in Oxfam’s events listing for the day.

March 8h is comin up fast – start thinking about who you’d like to celebrate.

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