Recap of Our #WgBiz Twitter chat with Allen Mireles (@allenmireles)

by Guest Contributor on February 3, 2012

It’s been quite a while since we had a chat with our community member Allen Mireles, who enlightened us about the social media site LinkedIn.

Before our chat LinkedIn was definitely not my favorite place to be online – in my mind I saw it as a place to keep my resume updated and formally ask for favors or introductions.

Of course, as a business owner, I’m much more likely to be looking to hire people than look for a new position – and most people I’d be comfortable asking for favors or intros from phones. So aside from the Answers section, and a few isolated incidents of assistance, it didn’t click for me why I needed to be there on an on-going basis besides basic presence.

However, through Allen’s tutelege and helpful tips from community members in the audience, I gleaned several helpful insights from the discussion, as did many others in the audience. The discussion was invaluable in helping me form a sound strategy for LinkedIn.

We had 48 participants in December as well – as you look at the summary, feel free to connect with some of the other people in the Women Grow Business community.

You can click links to their tweets to discover their Twitter profiles, where you’ll find their links. And on their sites, you can learn more about them, subscribe to their blogs, and find them on other social media properties, if Twitter just isn’t your thing.

You can view and download a summary of the December Twitter chat with Allen Mireles here:¬†[3 mb PDF]. The report is a bit different this time – there are two issues. First, the data cuts off at question 5. We’re looking to get it restored if possible.

Secondly, the format is different – this is generated from my backup source for hashtag reporting, which is a RowFeeder export, produced in Excel. The advantage is that it’s sortable by time, so this report is in chronological order, rather than the reverse order that the TweetReach¬†report I normally use comes in.

However, the photos/avatars don’t show up, and the presentation of the report is missing all our normal bells and whistles. But alas, since the TweetReach report wasn’t generated in time, it’s this or nothing. And I like switching to RowFeeder every now and again, as it’s refreshing to see the tweets in the order that they appeared.

Please join us at our next chat on February 13th, from noon to 1 pm, where you can learn about How to Be An Effective Digital Storyteller, with Marketer and Author Extraordinare, Stephanie Diamond.

There might be another book giveaway. You never know…

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